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Why Tutor Apps Good For Your Children

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Each academic year does bring in quite a bit of tension and stress to parent. They fear when they think about the possible academic challenges and problems that their children could face with each passing year. There are a host of subjects in which the children find the going tough. These could include subjects like a match, chemistry, physics and much more. Math, in particular, is a highly stressful subject both for the children and parents, and there are studies to suggest that 20% of parents suffer from what is known as math anxiety.

In many cases, the parents have no other option but to pass on the same to the kids and this becomes a big problem for them as they enter the classrooms and try to grapple with the subject. So that is the way forward? Experts believe that having a good math tutor app could be the best way forward and it could define the way this subject is taught not only in classrooms but also in homes. There also will be a big demand for online virtual coaching and teaching and tutors spread across the world will be having their hands full with requests for teaching kids in the country and also across many other places across the world. Therefore it would be pertinent to answer the question of why there would be a need for tutor app for your children and we will try and provide answers for the same over the next few lines.

The Growth Of Mobile Phones

Students have started using mobile phones at a very young age, and therefore they also fall back upon this device when it comes to getting tutoring help. It would be pertinent to mention here that the market for preparatory test services and tutoring services in the USA is around a staggering $11 billion. However, this compares very minutely when we look at the overall education market in the country which is estimated to be around $1.50 trillion. Hence there is no doubt that the demand for tutor apps covering many subjects in general and math, in particular, will grow up quite speedily in the years and decades to come. Hence, if you are an entrepreneur looking for some new ideas, it does make sense for you to keep this new development in your mind. The mobile phone industry coupled with new online methods of teaching is certainly set to explore the business of online tutoring using tutors and also by using apps of different kinds.

The Way Children Learn Has Also Changed Quite A Bit

It would be pertinent to mention that technology is a big enabler. This is evident from the fact that children and kids of today are very net and tech-savvy. They are keen on using these technologies when it comes to learning various subjects sitting in the comfort of their homes and at their convenient times. They also prefer to do group studies using these apps, and therefore it is bound to be a game-changer in the years and decades to come.

The Old Is Giving Way To The New

The old model of looking for a tutor and hiring him or her and teaching the child in the home at regular intervals is slowly but steadily being pushed into the background. This is because peer pressure and pressure from schools require that the doubts and problems of students be addressed immediately. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why there is a big demand for app-based tutoring solutions. Many seed funding startups are into such app development, and the future certainly looks quite bright. if you talking chemistry tuition now it is very simple to learn Chemistry tuition at Bukit Timah

It Also Is Price Effective

It would be pertinent to mention that these tutor apps are quite competitively priced. Therefore it could reach even homes where the best of incomes are not to be found. Parents are also happy with it for some reasons. First and foremost, they get to spend more time on themselves and also plan their career and jobs more accurately. Secondly, they find these apps more cost-effective when compared to tutors who are becoming quite expensive with each passing day. Hence, there are reasons to believe that these apps could be the way forward as far as tutoring is concerned.

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