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Skip The Bank Marathon, Roshi Gets You Approved Fast At The Best Rates

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Emergencies and essential expenses can sometimes exceed personal financial capacities, and the need to take a loan may arise. Myriad loan companies have been established in recent years but most of these companies provide complex paperwork and processes to acquire a loan. ROSHI, Singapore’s first loan marketplace, offers borrowers a seamless, fast, and hyper-personalized application experience when searching for personal or home loans. The company’s software matches borrowers with loan options based on each applicant’s unique financial circumstances, assessing their approval odds without affecting their credit score.

The company enables borrowers to receive personalized loan options in real-time directly on their platform, avoiding the hassle of calling, visiting, or applying with multiple money lenders or banks.

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The founders and Co-founders of ROSHI are serial tech entrepreneur Amir Nada (Austrian) and seasoned tech professional WenQi Ng (Singaporean)

In 2019, while engaged as an external marketing consultant for one of Singapore’s leading financial institutions (SCB), Amir identified an opportunity to expedite and increase transparency around loan applications, without negatively impacting applicant credit scores. This observation inspired him to develop a software loan application solution to address this need.

With the technology completed in 2021, Amir collaborated with WenQi, who contributed invaluable expertise regarding go-to-market strategies and operational processes for localized software deployment.

Forming their partnership remotely in 2021, the two co-founders have succeeded in effectively collaborating despite never meeting in person. Combining Amir’s technological vision and WenQi’s business acumen, they have made significant strides in their venture thus far.

Amir boasts 15 years of corporate experience, largely with Google and global advertising firms like Omnicom, Dentsu, and WPP, advising major brands on marketing strategies in 5 countries across 3 continents. His entrepreneurial endeavors began in 2013 when he founded a private jet brokerage in Hong Kong, later selling it to a top competitor in 2018. After trying his hand at a few other ventures, Amir launched ROSHI in 2021, bringing his diverse expertise to this new startup.

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Over the past 7 years, WenQi has worked for major global technology corporations including Cisco, Siemens, HP, and GE. Through these experiences, he has developed a strong understanding of go-to-market strategies for software, process management and optimization, and development. WenQi brings this broad expertise in taking products to market and streamlining operations to his role in ROSHI.

The company operates on a B2C model, developing products for consumers. To date, ROSHI has received over 1000 loan applications, with aims to increase this volume 10-fold within 3 years.

Although ROSHI collaborates with lenders, providing data on trends and customer needs, the company’s core audience is borrowers. By focusing on borrowers, ROSHI has rapidly grown its applicant base and is projecting major expansion.

Through customer experience surveys, the company has received praise for the speed and transparency brought to the loan application process, which is central to the company’s mission. By focusing on quickly delivering clear information to borrowers, appreciation and trust has been built. The positive feedback from customers affirms that ROSHI is effectively achieving its aims of an efficient and upfront loan application experience.

For ROSHI, the best validation comes from successfully processed loan applications that secure borrowers’ approval for favorable interest rates and terms. As the company receives more applications that lead to positive outcomes for customers, it reaffirms the value the platform provides. The company aims to facilitate affordable financing opportunities through an optimized application experience. Growing loan volume and borrower satisfaction are key indicators that this goal is being fulfilled. Thus far, ROSHI has grown organically without outside funding, steadily building the business. Given the current performance and growth trends, the company is expected to reach profitability and break even within the next 1-2 years. Their bootstrapped approach has allowed them to expand prudently and lay the foundations for scalability. With continued measured growth, ROSHI is on track to become self-sustaining, requiring no external capital to operate sustainably. This path has been gradual but steady as the company progresses toward its goal of breakeven in the near future.

Although not opposed to bringing on external investors to accelerate growth, ROSHI has taken a bootstrapped approach thus far. This has enabled prudent expansion and established the groundwork for a self-sufficient, optimized business. The company has laid out plans to scale up efficiently without reliance on outside funding. While investor capital could potentially speed up aspects of the company’s roadmap, ROSHI’s priority is building sustainable processes and foundations first. The company remains focused on disciplined growth that will allow them to remain nimble and control their destiny.

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ROSHI’s commitment to customers is simple –  the company will strive to always provide accurate, transparent information and help secure the most favorable loan terms on its customer’s behalf. The company’s goal is obtaining the customer’s approval at the best possible rates, acting in the customer’s interest first, not the banks’.  The company desires to continue being a trustworthy resource for personalized financing options and clear guidance. ROSHI will remain dedicated to serving clients with integrity and openness, working to get them approved under the best possible loan conditions.

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