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15 Tips For New Entrepreneurs To Become Successful

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If you’re new to running a company, it can be difficult to find success in the early stages. Some entrepreneurs have a mentor, and others have full teams of support. If you’re in the search for some guidance, these tips might help.

Finding success as an entrepreneur means getting opinions and learning from those who have already achieved success.  Mentorships and formal programs are amazing opportunities, but not everyone is blessed with a person, or team, to guide them through their career.  Hopefully, these tips can get you on your way as you build your supporting team around you, or to the point where you can make it on your own.

1. Network and network some more

We cannot stress enough the importance of networking.  Attend business events, breakfast seminars and keep a record of every person you should meet.  Don’t be afraid to ask them for their advice and views on various business issues.  If you can keep in touch with them and build a relationship.  Contacts can improve sales and inevitably your bottom line.

2. Become an expert

Avoid being greedy and concentrate on a niche.  Become an expert in your chosen field.  The main reasons many entrepreneurs do not success is because they spread themselves too far afield.

3. Don’t be afraid of failure

Entrepreneur failure

It is a proven fact that unfortunately at times you will fail.  This is how you will grow and learn from your lessons.  There are lots of times to get it right but don’t be afraid of getting it wrong as it can hold you back.

4. Be driven by your passion

Find what you are most passionate about and head in that direction.  When you are building an empire there is unfortunately no such thing as getting the balance right.

5. Add value

Change your way of thinking.  Instead of thinking of how you can make money and be successful change your thinking towards others and make a note of how you can add value to another person’s life.

6. Get mentor or a coach

It is a proven fact that those that are successful usually have a mentor.  Surround yourself with lots of people that could potentially mentor you.  When you reach a plateau a mentor can help you get through this.  They can advise you of their mistakes and achievements and pass their wisdom on.

Create a company by setting up a registered office address and getting your company formed. Your mentor can give you advice on the best way to do this.

7. Add more value

Always think of how you can make your business more successful and the market leader in your chosen field.  But when doing this think of what you can do to meet the needs and requirements of someone else.  In other words write a proposal or blog with your audience in mind and identify how your products/services can be improved to meet the needs of others.  Your profits will follow shortly.

8. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

The reality of business is you need to be honest and real with yourself before you take it upon yourself to criticize other people.  Remember if you are not in a position to manage yourself you won’t be able to manage other people.

9. Think of your next step

Don’t wait until something goes wrong, the best entrepreneurs are always one step ahead and thinking about their next step.  Don’t learn as you go along have an action plan ahead of everyone else.

10. Can you pivot?

Everyone loves their initial ideas but try avoiding falling in love with it until you are ready to discover what is wanted in the market and then you are in a position to give it to them.

11. Remain authentic

Always stand by what you believe.  If you strongly believe in something stand by this and don’t sell out simply to make a small buck, it is not worth it.

12. Add even more value

Help people when you are in a position to.  If you are tired help someone without the need for something in return.  If you do this you will be creating an approach that is based on “help marketing”.  And in addition to this you will never be short of any customers.

13. Make today the day to make a difference

Where possible act today and not things until tomorrow.  Tomorrow never arrives and more importantly if something can be acted on today do it today.

14. Enjoy the journey

Learn to enjoy YOUR journey.  Enjoy the small movements towards your dream.  And remember that at times it can go past very quickly so take the time to step back, breath and take it all in before it has gone in the next flash.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to slow down at times; in will benefit you in the long run.

15. Remove yourself from any negativity holding you back

Do not let anyone turn your dream into an unwanted nightmare.  Along your journey you will find lots of people who will try and destroy your dream – remove yourself from this type of negativity.

Hopefully the tips that have been provided will help you identify how to be a successful entrepreneur.  If you only take away a small amount of information find a mentor who will be there to help you on your journey.

Article Written By: Cormac Reynolds

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