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5 Strategies to Beat Your Competition When You All Sell The Same Products

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Some industries are overwhelmingly competitive. A lot of people are making the same products, and at the end of the day, the consumer chooses who the tried and true favorite will be. When you’re trying to stand up above the rest, you already have your work cut out for you. Even if your product is the same or similar quality, there’s more to a business than that. You have plenty of more opportunities to shine, and those opportunities make all the difference in the world to beat your competition.

1. Beat Their Shipping

People hate paying for shipping. It’s something they can’t see or use – they don’t realize the value of the service. If your competitor doesn’t have a free shipping minimum, you should establish one. If they do, create a lower one. If that company doesn’t use an efficient shipping service that works internationally, they’re already alienating a large corner of the market who may be interested. Make sure you can get your products further across the globe.

2. Beat Their Branding

People remember a brand more than they remember a product. This is why generic brands don’t have the appeal that name brands have. Strengthen your brand voice and be as active as you possibly can on social media. Interact, and keep yourself in the forefront of the minds of your customers or potential customers. They’ll remember you more than they remember your competitor, even if your products are virtually identical. It all has to do with your identity.

3. Beat Their Price

Beat your competition

You might have the same product, but yours is a dollar cheaper. You don’t need to drastically drive down your margins in order to price competitively. People love saving – they’re willing to use coupons that only help them save their change because those savings add up over time. If you can slightly reduce your price or offer more than your competitor for the same amount – be sure to do this. Customers are more inclined to shop with whoever they feel provides the best value for their money.

4. Beat Their Support

Someone could sell a popular product at a great price, but if their customer service is terrible, it will sour the entire experience. If your meal was great and your waiter was terrible, you’re less likely to return to that restaurant. Customers who buy products feel the same way. Offer round the clock support on both your website and your social media channels. Make returns and exchanges easy, and respond to everyone promptly. Customer care is equally as important as the product itself.

5. Beat Their Demos

Images and videos are more than just important for marketing – they’re necessary. The more photos and videos you have of your products, the more appealing they’ll appear to customers. If you can work with social media influencers to promote your product, that’s even better. People will see someone they can relate to interacting with the product, giving them the next best thing to a hands-on experience. Demonstrations answer questions that your customers may not have even known they had. Any opportunity to showcase your products is a good opportunity.

You might need to work longer hours and try harder to remain competitive, but at a certain point, your branding and marketing will speak for themselves. Once you get that competitive edge, it’s easier to hold onto it if you keep your efforts consistent.

About Author: 

Elizabeth Lee is an avid blogger and an expert in marketing and logistics. Currently writing for PACK & SEND, Elizabeth believes it is her mission to support small and medium business owners in her efforts to grow and expand. Elizabeth might be reached through her Twitter: @LelizabethLee86.

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