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Share Your story


It is easy to make a story submission. Simply email your story to No story is too big or too small and stories from the heart are the best. Please do not feel the need to be formal or fret over your creative writing abilities. You can include fun stories, memorable moments, how the product(s) has impacted day to day life, benefits and new capabilities, how you/the user got started, successes along the way, etc. All stories are appreciated and welcomed!

After removing personally identifiable information from your story, we will share it among our Tycoonstory team as a source of inspiration and ideas. We are always striving to do our work better and improve our products. Stories such as yours help us keep focused on what really matters.

If an opportunity to use your story beyond our own team arises, we will contact you and discuss all of the details. Your story could be featured in our newsletter, shared on our web site, be the basis for a mini-documentary video

Note 1: We will never publish or share any story information with outside sources without your express written permission.

Note 2: Your story may be edited for the purposes of clarity, length and style.