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HomeStartupUnlocking The Future Of Storage: Meet Peerstorage, The Airbnb For Self-storage

Unlocking The Future Of Storage: Meet Peerstorage, The Airbnb For Self-storage

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Storage is an essential part of human life and as the world continues to evolve, new creative ideas for self-storage of goods for individuals and businesses have been born. Several platforms have been instituted for this purpose, to make self-storage easy, convenient, and affordable for individuals and businesses. PeerStorage is an online self-storage marketplace that connects private property owners and local businesses to local residents and businesses in need of storage.

The company is considered the Airbnb for self-storage, with a primary mission to maximize underutilized resources, minimize waste, and strengthen communities through the transformative power of sharing.

PeerStorage offers secure and cost-effective storage solutions that connect individuals and businesses with local families who have unused space, promoting a culture of sharing, reducing the world’s carbon footprint, and encouraging greater community engagement.

The company was founded in 2020 by Casey Krueger, who lent out his unused bedroom and parking space to a local resident to store their extra items at the beginning of the pandemic. This act sparked an innovative idea for the genesis of the company. Soon, he established a team composed of co-founders Tyler Swayne, CTO, and Bisrat Arega, sales director. In early 2021, a website was developed for local residents who desired to list and rent local storage spaces on private properties.

Puget Sound, Washington, was the company’s first location but the company has continued to expand to over twelve states since then and its focus has grown from a peer-to-peer marketplace to also providing storage services for self-storage and commercial customers since its establishment. This expands the company’s service to help more members and local businesses within the community.

Casey Krueger, an electrical engineer with a passion for technology and helping others in his community, sprung into his entrepreneurial journey when COVID hit Washington State.

He decided to go on this journey by building a company that not only keeps economic value within the community but also solves a storage need for others. Through this journey, Casey met Bisrat and Tyler, who were working together on a similar service for parking spaces in the Puget Sound area.

Bisrat and Tyler started their entrepreneurial journey back in 2016 when they built a platform for Airbnb for parking spaces. Bisrat has a passion for working directly with customers and providing personalized service to help customers with their needs, while Tyler has a remarkable skill and love for developing software.

Future of storage peerstorage

He is PeerStorage’s tech guru and loves to develop customer-centric solutions. With this vast difference in backgrounds and experience, they share the same passion, which eventually led to joining forces aimed at tackling the storage and parking problem together.

PeerStorage’s customers are mainly local residents with storage needs and local homeowners with unused space (peer-to-peer marketplace). The company has expanded its customer base to include local small businesses, self-storage facilities, and commercial real estate owners looking to rent out their real estate properties.

The company is currently working with its customers to find their storage needs or to help them monetize it for self-storage, and the feedback has been excellent, with the most common reaction being “That’s a great idea; why didn’t I think of that?”.

PeerStorage’s customers love the service they receive and the fact that they can either generate income hassle-free or conveniently store their things with a local peer at a cheaper price. PeerStorage is a community business that keeps economic value while prioritizing security, reliability, transparency, and accessibility for its customers and empowering users to control their storage needs and contribute to a sustainable future within the local communities which benefits everyone.

PeerStorage offers several services ranging from boat storage, RV/trailer storage, large indoor storage, garage storage, and self-storage plans, offering enough space and smooth experiences with the rentals.

The company desires to reach more local homeowners or commercial real estate owners in the Washington area that have unused space that they would like to monetize and the team is already taking steps to reach homeowners, land owners, and commercial real estate investors and owners to increase its storage space for more people to use.

The team in the company is also actively working to break even at the moment by increasing their revenues while keeping overhead costs low. Statistics and reports have indicated that the company is very close to breaking even and making a profit and it is estimated that by the end of 2023, this feat will be achieved. The company is also not presently looking for investors, as there is enough capital for the next year. However, the door will be open to investors in the middle of 2024 and early 2025.

The company invites its potential customers and viewers to jump aboard the train and experience a new era of self-storage with its innovative platform, the Airbnb for self-storage.

Whether as a renter in need of extra space or a homeowner looking to declutter, the company’s efficient platform connects its customers with local hosts who have secure, affordable storage options available.

With flexible rental terms and a wide range of storage spaces to choose from, customers are sure to find the perfect solution to fit their needs. Viewers are encouraged to embrace the sharing economy and discover a convenient, cost-effective, and personalized self-storage experience like never before.

Homeowners with unused space can now turn it into a lucrative opportunity by listing their unused space on the Airbnb self-storage platform and transforming it into a valuable resource to earn extra income effortlessly.

Whether it’s an empty basement, a spacious garage, or a spare room, there are always people in the community actively seeking secure storage options and with a platform such as PeerStorage, customers can now seize control of rental terms, pricing, and availability. A highly profitable opportunity to earn from unused space while helping someone in need of convenient storage.

Plus, the company’s platform ensures peace of mind by providing verification processes for all users, so viewers are encouraged to monetize their unused space and discover the financial benefits of becoming a trusted storage host on the Airbnb self-storage platform.

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