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The Reason Why You Are Losing a Potential Customer if the Buying Process Is Too Difficult

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The buying process should be a seamless experience for all consumers. When it’s difficult, there is a good chance that you’ll lose out on a sale. UPI payments can simplify the entire process so that consumers have more choices to pay for their product. A better buying process should always be part of a growing business model.

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Time Is Money

No one wants to input their information into a buggy checkout system. It comes off as not secure, and it makes the entire buying process more difficult. Security is important, but it can’t come at the cost of a smooth experience.

A good example of this is disabling copy/paste functions along with autofill forms. It improves security, but also forces a consumer to individually input every piece of their information. You are wasting the customers time, and forcing them to look for their credit or debit cards to verify information. When a consumer makes online purchases often, this single checkout can turn them off of the entire company.


Buying process difficulty buying process

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When you make the buying process difficult, consumers have more time to do comparative research. This means going to your competitors for better prices, or a more streamlined experience. Imagine a situation where a new consumer finds a product or service cheaper on your website. They are ready to buy, but then get turned off by the difficult checkout process. Within minutes, you have convinced them to pay a higher price for the convenience of a better checkout system. Your competitor gets a sale, and you lose out on gaining a new customer for life.

Buyer’s Remorse

The longer a customer is dealing with the checkout screen, the easier it is for them to reconsider the purchase. There are always compelling reasons to shelve buying something until later, especially when the checkout is so cumbersome. Even if an individual spends hours on research before getting to the checkout screen, it only takes an extra minute to lose that sale. Companies often underate the importance of a speedy checkout when it comes to buyer’s remorse.

Software Limitations

There are millions of consumers on older hardware and software. They represent a significant portion of any customer base across multiple industries. Locking out older hardware or software from your checkout system is a big deal, and is guaranteed to make the checkout process a problem.

When websites limit their browser choices, it usually optimizes the page for the most popular platforms. For Apple users, it makes sense to optimize your checkout for Safari web browsers. But for users on other platforms, the choice is much more complicated.

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There is nothing wrong with optimizing your webpage for specific browsers, but there is something wrong with locking out users from using their preferred browser. Keep that in mind so that users on older software don’t have to download new software to buy a product or service.

Wrap Up

When buyers know what they want, it is a good idea to get out of their way. Any roadblock to making a purchase will lower the chances of making a sale. Keep the checkout process fluid, and your company will have a much higher success ratio with sales.

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