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6 Commonly-Used Industrial Screening Equipment In Manufacturing

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In the world of production, manufacturers go through industrial screening as a form of quality control. Right there and then, they can decide whether or not the materials in the plant can go through the manufacturing process. Whatever materials don’t make it beyond the screening process may be re-manipulated and taken before being brought back to the screening process. As a result, manufacturers can come up with better-quality products. This is where the need to have proper industrial screening equipment comes in. Industrial screens come in different types and forms, each according to the kind and size of the materials that need to be screened.

With that said, here’s a list of the six commonly used industrial screening equipment in manufacturing.

1. Oscillating Screening Machine

The oscillating screen machine is specifically designed to sort and separate bulk, and solid materials. The oscillating screen machine can often bring in the best screening results, all thanks to the wide, vibration-free, and orbital oscillation.

The oscillating screen is typically used in the timber manufacturing industry. But it’s also utilized in other industries like sawmill, brickwork, pelleting, plastics, and fiberboard industry.

Oscillating industrial screening machine manufacturing industry

 2. Vibrating Screen Machine

A vibrating screen machine works by producing a linear and synchronous vibratory movement generated by a vibrator. In effect, it uniformly screens or separates solid materials from crushed materials. A vibrating screen is equipped with a pre-set vibration amplitude, which then controls and optimizes the screening result.

This type of industrial screening equipment is best used for filtering granular bulk materials like quartz sand. It’s also well-used in the recycling and construction materials industries.

3. Star Screen Machine

The star screen machine is used for treating and conditioning biomass, waste, and other recyclable materials, for further manufacturing. The rationale behind this boils down to the nature of the star screen—to divide the screening materials into two or three smaller fractions.  Ultimately, its separation accuracy remains unaffected while also maintaining the same throughput capacity throughout its operation.

The star screen machine is frequently used in the manufacturing industry due to its benefits and uses, which include:

  • It boasts flexible uses;
  • You can change the size of the materials you want to divide, in seconds;
  • It’s conveniently economical.

4. High-Frequency Vibrating Screen Machine

A high-frequency vibrating screen is used to crush and separate wet or dry granulated ore material to as small as 200 micrometers. As its name implies, this type of industrial screen equipment comes with a vibration frequency set by an electromagnetic vibrator. When the high-frequency vibrating screen is running, it works at an angle that’s anywhere between 0 to 45 degrees.

Another characteristic of a high-frequency vibrating screen is that it comes with a stationary sieve box. The machine’s gap width is also adjustable to accommodate the size of materials you’re aiming for.

These factors are considered when choosing a high-frequency vibrating screen:

  • The type of preferred screening media (e.g., woven cloth, grizzly bars, and perforated plates);
  • The maximum feed rate;
  • The moisture percentage in the feed material.

5. Scalping Screen Machine

A scalping screen is used for finer manufacturing feed or products. During its operation, the scalping screen removes several oversize feeds, without including any of the crushed products.  This makes the use of scalping screeners great for demolition contractors who are also using pre-processing materials like recycled concrete.

When used in the mining manufacturing industry, the scalping screen’s function is to dispose of any foreign material that makes its way to the aggregate stream.

The scalping screen machine is typically used in screening materials like iron ore, recyclables, demolition waste, aggregates, and coal. It is as popular as the thermal mass flow meter working principle.

6. Grizzly Screeners

A grizzly screener is popularly known as a rock separator. The screening job it does is to classify and then sort rocks according to size.

The grizzly screener removes any material that may only hamper and slow down production time. For instance, some rocks are too big for the equipment to handle.

However, do expect that this equipment only accepts a limited size of rock. This type of industrial screening material takes its name from the heavy steel bars, formed in a grid pattern. This is laid out strategically in that manner to allow all the small rocks to go through.

Final Thoughts

The examples of industrial screening equipment listed above are only a few of the many out there. When choosing industrial screening equipment, you should consider which one works best for your business, so that it can contribute to the overall success of your manufacturing needs. If not, investing in screening equipment like those above will only be futile. Choose well, and purchase only from a reputable supplier.

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