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Different Type Of Generators And Their Maintenance Tips 

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Electric generators are usually known as a backup power source that helps in converting gasoline or fuel into electrical energy. It is used as a primary source of electrical supply when the power is cut or in any emergency. It produces electricity on the principle of electromagnetic induction. There are generally two different types of generators, AC (alternative current) and DC (direct current). Both of them produce electricity in the same way but the power is different in terms of its usage. For example, generators used in homes offer AC whereas generators used in cars produce DC power.

The most important thing about generators is that they usually require proper maintenance to retain their ability and work. To learn about some maintenance tips and types of generators for your home, you can check out this site.

Portable generator 

Portable generator 

This type of generator usually requires diesel fuel or gas to produce electricity temporarily. These generators use combustion type of engines for electricity production. Electrical appliances and tools can be easily plugged in via sockets. They can also be wired in a subpanel. It helps in producing a great amount of power for running household appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, freezers, etc. without any problem. Generator protection panels are developed and made with specific relays based on the application and needs of the client, and then these relays are combined into a panel by Electrical Panel Manufacturers Canada. Make sure the engine should be at 3600rpm to get the standard 60 Hz current.

It requires an annual filter and fuel cleaning as it degrades quickly and can impact the power production of the generator.

Inverter generator 

These types of generators use an engine that is connected to the alternator and help in producing AC current. The inverter generator also uses a rectifier that helps in converting AC current into DC. This type of generator relies on high-tech magnets. The best part of the generator is that it uses modern electronic circuitry to maintain a regular current flow that helps in overcoming fluctuation problems and safeguards your electrical appliances. It is more energy-efficient in comparison to others available in the market.

You need to be very specific and monitor its battery condition regularly to avoid failure problem and efficient working. Also, check the battery’s current status at regular interval of time.

Standby generators 

Such types of generators are electrical systems that operate automatically to transfer switches which command it to offer the needed power to the device during the power cut. This automatic operating system makes it different from other generators. This is the main reason why it is getting increasingly popular nowadays. It can be operated on natural gas as well as liquid propane. Its sensors allow it to detect power cuts very quickly and boot up the current at that speed too. It also keeps on monitoring the utility power regularly. It is used in elevators and safety systems due to its smart features.

Regular testing is needed to know the current status of the batteries. You need to check the electrolyte levels and the particular gravity of the battery. Also, make sure to clean the batteries at regular intervals.

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