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5 Most Effective Strategies for Promoting a Small Business

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If you have an existing business or just launched one, you need to work hard to get more clients. It is necessary to come up with viable and functional marketing strategies that will provide the desired results. But creating a marketing plan, even a simple one can be a tough task for many new/old entrepreneurs. By undertaking some research on the web will allow you to develop an advertising strategy that will work like magic. The strategies devised should also be implemented at the earliest and properly. Only then will it help increase customer traffic to your business, be it a physical or online store. This in turn will result in improvement in your sales and revenue figures.

Creating Promotional Strategies

To achieve success in your objectives, it is important to come up with a deadly marketing combination. Traditional marketing techniques should be combined with the latest, innovative tools. There are plenty of choices to choose from, ranging from electronic marketing solutions such as innovative tag barcodes, print materials to branding.

1. Electronic Barcode Technology

Electronic barcode technology promotional strategies

Modern technology such as Microsoft Tag is presently being used as a common advertising strategy by small businesses. There is placed a 1” square of logo graphic on the poster, business card or other printed material. The consumer is then provided with the choice to ‘read’ this Tag by using the phone application. Performing this action allows information from your website along with other relevant materials to be accessed easily by your potential customer.

2. Marketing Materials and Print Advertising

With branding, collateral marketing materials go well with print advertising, a fact that cannot be denied or neglected. Consumers will be able to view your logo along with other identifying graphics easily. This allows them to recognize instantly that such Promotional Strategies are executed by your company. They can manage this even before going through the given words. Advertisements can be promoted through online sources, flyers, magazines and newspapers. To enhance your marketing further, you can also resort to print collateral materials such as newsletters, booklets, catalogs and brochures. Such type of printing is better managed by commercial printers and can offer you greater consistency, superior quality and customization.

3. Branding

For small businesses, branding is considered to be among the most crucial Promotional Strategies to implement. You can make a promise to your customers through your brand message. Determine valid reasons why your targeted consumers should choose your services/products instead of your competitors. Perhaps, your advantage can be convenience, location, quality or price. It can be just about anything that may compel consumers to look forwards to favoring your products instead of competitors. It will be wise to use proprietary colors, taglines, logos, layouts and typeface. This way, your consumer can quickly and easily recognize your brand and keep in it mind. When trying to develop your brand, remember consistency is key to achieving your set objectives and goals.

4. Social Networking

Putting up a site will not be sufficient. Rather, your advertising strategy should also include leading social networking sites. There are several sites like Quora, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that can help introduce new products or describe existing ones. They can also be excellent places to announce sales, offers, deals, promotional coupons, etc. Perhaps, your product may require a demonstration or you plan to provide your consumers with a tour of your manufacturing plant. Whatever be it, you can use sites like YouTube to make an effective approach by uploading videos of your business.

5. Direct Mail

It includes direct email and is the key to availing a successful strategy for all businesses, be it small or big. You can simply purchase mailing lists and compile properly the targeted potential customer list. Break it further into interests, geographic area or demographics such as income, gender or age.

Following the above Promotional Strategies will help your small business to move in the right direction.

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