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How Can Back Print Stickers Help in Promoting Your Brand

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If you use sticker distribution in your marketing campaigns, use the space on stickers and labels to the optimum to leverage the costs. That’s the reason why sticker back printing can be extremely useful. Although it keeps the main focus on the sticker, you won’t miss a promotional opportunity by using the space on the backside, as well.

Instead of leaving it blank, you can incorporate any marketing or brand message into this space. From advertising to sharing important brand information, utilize this free space to engage with your customers. The benefits of using back print stickers are:

Effective Guerrilla Marketing Tactic

Effective guerrilla marketing tactic back print stickers

You may not realize, but stickers are an effective and impactful way to promote your brand without digging a hole in your marketing budget. Despite their low cost of production and distribution, they offer greater visibility to the customers.

From referrals to communications, customers can use the information on stickers to connect with your brand. You can write a cryptic message or add calls to action for an upcoming event or product through back print stickers.

Versatile Promotional Tool

It can be interesting to see how you can promote your brand on the back imprint of stickers. From product information to discount coupons, QR codes for online videos, company information, event promotion, and subscriptions, you can use them in many ways. You can also print multiple messages on the back imprint, depending on your distribution channel.

For instance, if you want to create one message for handing out stickers at an event while another note for stickers to be sent through direct mail, you can incorporate them easily with slight changes in the copy during the printing process.

Trade the Space with Other Businesses

If you think you have no particular purpose for back print stickers, you may use this space for selling or trading to another company with a similar audience. It shouldn’t be your direct competitors. You can instead sell this space to a company running allied services or selling related products.

For example, a fashion brand can partner with a fashion magazine and put their subscription information on sticker backs for promotion. It will reduce the costs further for both the parties. You may also trade the space to include an advertisement in exchange for back printing on your stickers.

Utilize for Social Media Promotion

When you want to reach the masses, it is better to use the medium that connects them with a common thread. Social media has that potential, especially with the prominence of smart devices.

So, use sticker back printing for social media marketing, as well. Include your social media links on this space to make them accessible for the customers, even on the go.

Enhance Engagement

Sometimes, you can reach more people with a compelling story or message. Sticker marketing is an excellent tool in this regard. It reaches out to the target audience and engages them with your brand.

You can add your company’s bio on the sticker back or offer some free stuff to the recipients. Use this space for creating awareness about a contest with complete instructions on the back of the stickers.

The versatility of printing on the sticker back makes it a valuable marketing tool for the brands.

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