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Why a Hashtag Generator Can Be the Best Tool to Get New Followers and Increase Visibility

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For your company to succeed, you need to use social media strategically to increase the visibility of your business online. But as big as the online space is, it can be challenging for you to stand out with thousands of posts uploaded on social media platforms every second.

So, what can you do to make sure you increase organic engagement? Cue hashtags.

Hashtags are phrases, words, or titles used to communicate a message online. You’ve probably seen hundreds of posts on Twitter or Instagram with messages preceded by the hashtag sign (#).

Still, despite their ubiquity in social media, a lot of businesses don’t understand how to use hashtags to increase online engagement. The good news is that you can use hashtag generators to come up with ideal hashtags for social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter.

What Is a Hashtag Generator

What is a hashtag generator

Hashtag generator tools are designed to generate hashtags that can be included within social media copy to gain a wider audience reach online.

Here’s a detailed guide that should help you better understand how your business stands to benefit from using hashtags and how you can use them to get new followers and increase visibility on social media.

1. Promote Brand Campaigns

A hashtag generator will provide you with good hashtag suggestions for a brand campaign. Campaign hashtags can help promote an event, a new product, gather momentum for an idea or movement, and even inspire people.

While choosing hashtags to go with the campaign, try and avoid common phrases that are likely to be used about a different topic or company. Instead, try and work with something that can be easily associated with your business if you really want to put your brand on the faces of your target audience.

2. Trigger Online Conversations and Engagement

A hashtag generator will come up with hashtags that will spark conversations around a particular topic among social media users.

For example, if you’re in the interior design business, you could start conversations about the newest trends in minimalistic design. This way, you’ll dig deeper into the thoughts and discussions of your target audience on social media, consequently positioning yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

3. Cut Through the Noise

By creating specific hashtags for your business, a hashtag generator will help position your brand strategically so that social media users will likely come across your business if they look for something specific.

For instance, say you’re selling gaming laptops. If a user searches for #laptops, they’ll probably find hundreds of posts from different businesses selling laptops. But if they were to search for #gaminglaptops, they’re more likely to find your post and visit your profile or website.

The Bottom Line

Hashtag marketing has become an essential tool when it comes to digital interaction. Hashtags allow people from different social media channels to unite together under the same message.

As such, leveraging the hashtags recommended by a hashtag generator will help you reach a specific target audience since the suggested hashtags will be tied to your particular niche of business.

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