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What Functions can Speech Analytics Perform in Call Centres?

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Call centres’ importance is more apparent than ever before due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Since physical interaction is discouraged during service delivery, it is up to call centres to maintain customer loyalty as the number of callers grows. Because of the increased burden that agents are under, firms must incorporate digital tools to boost efficiency. Speech analytics providers such as Awaken offer an excellent example of these tools.

A speech analytics platform can help process and store real-time phone calls and messages. It aims to recognise consumer behaviour dynamics and patterns, as well as to provide managers with insights. This is accomplished by programming the software to flag those preset phrases and terms as they are written or spoken. Organisations can also use it to figure out how satisfied customers are by detecting feelings in experiences.

What Is Speech Analytics and How Does It Work?

Any company needs to provide helpful advice to its customers whether they have a question or a problem. Customer support staff also fail to have a pleasant experience, which may damage a company’s brand reputation.

In this case, Voice AI devices can listen in real-time to conversations, process mundane audio signals and voice gestures, and create trends for companies to implement appropriate protocols to optimise the customer experience. Centres should follow three guidelines in operating this technology.

What is speech analytics

The first one is about the rate at which people speak. E.g., if a call centre representative is communicating too loudly or with arbitrary delays in between sentences, voice analytics will quickly detect this and alert the appropriate personnel.

The second aspect is concerned with long-term speech patterns. It can detect undesirable speech patterns by referring to the conversation’s meaning. This enables the software to assess the efficiency of an agent’s assistance. The final theory concerns concise verbal signals, which may make or ruin a customer’s experience. This speech recognition module can detect audio signals such as erratic sound shifts that indicate the agent is agitated.

Role of Speech Analytics in Call Centres

The pandemic has had a significant impact on the increasing use of speech analytics technologies. Speech analytics software can provide businesses who want to have the best value to their customers a strategic edge.

Because of the broad application of call scripting, it is being adopted across a wide range of commerce roles, including sales, communications, and customer support. Below are some of the organisational advantages of voice analytics.

Enhanced customer support and loyalty

Call centres place a premium on customer service. As a result, businesses use speech analytics software to monitor consumers’ feelings by generating and reviewing transcripts from audio evidence in real-time and on tape. Call centre operators will use the data to learn more about consumer needs and improve their technologies. Any clients who may be at risk of switching to a new service provider may be maintained by changing the agent’s attitude to them using speech analytics.

Increased return on investment (ROI)

Call centres can contribute to boosting return on investment. Companies who want to boost their gains can implement analytics to boost conversion rates by identifying more sell openings during phone calls. The app will show you how satisfied customers are with individual goods as well as how to respond to them.

Improved recruitment process

As a result of the past year’s events, companies have abandoned staff training in favour of customer retention processes. Call centre managers are always too preoccupied to manually research and track any call that comes in. This is accomplished by allowing supervisors to log calls to ensure consistency with the app.

It provides them with intriguing suggestions about how to improve the training environment for underperforming officers. Managers may use speech and voice analytics tools to identify potentially tricky calls and assist agents in providing smoother customer service.

Cost-effective innovation

By automating processes such as compliance testing and call management, this technology often saves money in the short term. In this way, an organisation can cut costs by reducing the number of employees required. Businesses can design superior call strategies and thus lower call volumes and staff numbers by analysing consumer call patterns.

The analytics tools will help agents stay in line and avoid fines for non-compliance. Callbacks indicate pending problems, which can be avoided by promoting first-call settlements using the analytics platform.

In summary

The trick to creating a profitable company is to have an excellent customer experience. Customers will have a better experience if you predict their needs before they change their minds or seek out your competitors. Considering the impossibility of mind-reading, what you should use for the time being is speech analytics for call scripting.

Speech analytics saves time and money for companies, resulting in more loyal clients, higher sales, and lower costs. However, implementing speech analytics tools does not guarantee instant success. It will take some time. Before pitching your idea to management, make sure you have a strategy in place, know the data, choose the best approach, and demonstrate the benefit to your staff.

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