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Top 15 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Businesses in 2023

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Social media management platforms include marketing tools and social media monitoring tools, providing a cohesive way for businesses to reach customers. The management tools help social media specialists and social media managers to work efficiently.

Top 15 Social Media Monitoring Tools for Businesses in 2023 

1. HootSuite

Hootsuite social media monitoring tool

Hoot Suite is appropriate for freelancers, small businesses, and agencies. It is a management tool for marketers in social media. The interface is easy to use, and it features advanced tiers. It manages to publish on social media management platforms using one dashboard.

2. Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

Brandwatch consumer intelligence social media monitoring tool

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring and management platform. The tools facilitate social listening. Use to identify hashtags and popular topics. Brandwatch offers flexibility to reach a global audience. Prioritize engagement and identify influencers interacting with interesting topics.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout social social media monitoring tool

Sprout Social is prominent for its social listening tool and powerful analytics dashboard. It offers a galore of integrations. It has advanced features even at the basic level including location and keyword monitoring, CRM tools, and review management.

4. NapoleonCat

Napoleoncat social media monitoring tool

NapoleonCat gives at affordable prices the basics. Its higher levels offer advanced offerings such as moderation of ads, automatic translation, and moderation and retention of 24-month data. Assign posts or make internal posts. The pricing varies with user numbers and profiles.

5. Sendible

Sendible social media monitoring tool

Sendible is a social media management full-service tool useful for collaboration, publishing, listening, and analytics. Sensible features image resizing, allowing you to customize posts in one publish action. Sendible supports Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, GoogleMYBusiness, and Pinterest.

6. AgoraPulse

Agorapulse social media monitoring tool

AgoraPulse is an affordable tool that allows marketers to optimize social media monitoring, publishing, and reporting. It supports marketing campaign ROI, and integrations over social media platforms and offers flexible pricing. It boasts the best customer support and ease of use.

7. Buffer

Buffer social media monitoring tool

Buffer is a popular management tool in social media. It is an affordable management option with no-frills tools. The ability to add social channels here allows scaling without jumping tiers for the users. It allows for building mobile-friendly, customized landing pages for social campaigns.

8. HubSpot

Hubspot social media monitoring tool

The HubSpot website offers an inbound comprehensive marketing campaign ROI program to integrate with email marketing and the website. The tools facilitate consolidating mentions, centralizing publishing, and attributing to social media the business value.

9. Zoho Social

Zoho social social media monitoring tool

The Zoho Social website is a well-known social media management tool. It offers an affordable and flexible option to integrate with CRM. It is a well-rounded management tool in social media, offering monitoring, scheduling, and reporting.

10. Sprinklr

Sprinklr social media monitoring tool

Sprinklr is suitable for enterprise and agency clients supporting Social Media Monitoring. It has workflows to manage large teams with 30+ channels. Sprinklr features APIs, and deep customer needs requiring organizations on social media to integrate with their XRM and CX systems.

11. Falcon.io

Falcon social media monitoring tool

Falcon.io is popular and features engagement team-friendly aspects such as content storage and approval workflows. It includes integrated competitive benchmarking with an audience data dashboard. It offers social listening, calendar management, publishing, engagement measurement, and ads management.

12. Keyhole

Keyhole social media monitoring tool

Keyhole offers a visual analysis of high-level. It is the only platform offering the analytics and integration of TikTok. Keyhole uses AI and optimizes posting times, and brand reputation, measures sentiment, offers virality predictions, and predicts up to 30 days of outperformance.

13. Digimind

Digimind social media monitoring tool

Digimind offers content to make sense of online data and transform it into business actionable insights. It includes impressive tools and features to see conversations of your brand, across online sources and in real-time.

14. SocialPilot

Socialpilot social media monitoring tool

SocialPilot goes beyond analytics and scheduling. It has functions and integrations with Dropbox, Box.com, and Canva. Its content curation tool runs topics unlimited, and shares trending content and a browser extension is the bonus feature.

15. eClincher

Eclincher social media monitoring tool

The eClincher website offers brand reputation management, analytics, and a range of integrations supporting LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc, with other cloud tools. For a small fee, add social profiles and extra users.

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