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Top 10 Emerging Technologies in 2021

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With Covid-19 causing uncertainties in 2020, all entrepreneurs are seeking new emerging technologies to change their fortunes for the better. These innovative technologies may perhaps be the key in today’s post-pandemic world. Experts believe that technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence) and digital biomarkers can enable businesses to make progress. There are advanced technologies that are known to support such transitions. It includes green hydrogen, alternative proteins and autonomous vehicles.

10 emerging technologies to watch for in 2021

  • Natural language processing: You need to look for emergency techniques and tools that are used to analyze, process and generate text. It includes chatbots, machine translation and voice assistants. The last five years have witnessed a 44% compound yearly growth rate reaching over 3,000 publications annually.

Chatbots chatbots

  • Autonomous vehicles: Vehicle automation is expected to be on the rise. The future is all about commercial and consumer vehicles without drivers. Efficiency and safety need to be given priority at all levels when vehicle automation is concerned. This is sure to benefit both commercial and consumer vehicles. In this sector, the emerging technologies to look out for are connectivity and sensors.
  • AI-enabled sensors: This industry is said to have crossed $1.8 billion and is fast expanding. There are different types of sensors that can be combined with AI and machine learning to make more impactful insights. Operators/developers can also extra more value from the sensors. It allows internal process improvement along with the creation of new products.
  • Plastic recycling: There has emerged another technology that can transform plastic waste into valuable products. This way, pollution concerns can be reduced significantly. Apparel and food manufacturers are committed to increasing recycled content usage and recycling rates. The world is seeking modern innovations that can help transform unwanted waste into usable products.
  • Green hydrogen: Vehicles with internal combustion are being slowly replaced by those with hydrogen fuel cells. Green hydrogen when promoted can help de-carbonize the industrial processes. It is possible to store as well as transport ‘Green’ hydrogen as it is created from renewable electricity. It offers a more flexible and robust energy transition.

Green hydrogen green vehicals hydrogen

  • Bioinformatics: Pharmaceutical companies are using bioinformatics technology for discovering new things. There are also present far-reaching, new opportunities like safety, risk assessment, traceability, diagnostics and personalization. Multiple industries can benefit from bioinformatics, including agriculture and food. The biotech and pharmaceutical industry has been shifting steadily towards biological treatments. The development process is likely to witness an increased role from bioinformatics.
  • Paperless records: To minimize common paper-based errors modern electronic batch record solutions are coming to the market, it makes use of various databases that hold the data recorded during the manufacture of a batch.
  • Alternative proteins: Plant-based proteins are considered to be a rapidly emerging alternative to the traditional meat industry. There is noticed a sharp increase in the demand for the supply for protein-based items.
  • Shared mobility: Innovations in mobility is another trend to watch out for in 2021. It includes mobility-as-a-service business, autonomous taxis, ride-hailing and car-sharing. The future of mobility is likely to be redefined by self-driven cars, connectivity, zero-emission vehicles and innovative materials.
  • Materials informatics: AI techniques are expected to help accelerate material and chemical development. However, most companies in this sector are in their nascent stage testing different business models. There is sufficient opportunity for companies to explore and dominate the industry.
  • 3D printing: The next decade is expected to witness an increase for demand in 3D printing techniques. The two major projected trends are digital transformation and sustainability. It refers to objective additive fabrication by patterning, depositing material in successful layers.

Innovation is not merely about technology enhancements. Rather, it also helps generate an entire process exclusively for every application. Hence, future emerging technologies are likely to place more emphasis on process development.

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