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Advanced Technologies In The Digital Milieu

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As the world transits through to digital transformation, disruptors in the form of advanced technologies have changed the narrative. Many reasons contribute to this shift, this change has taken the fancy of businesses worldwide. Customers love the new technologies, which offer greater convenience, in addition to the multiple choices. It is time for businesses to fully embrace the new technologies and leverage the benefits to offer greater customer satisfaction and enjoy enhanced ROI. Here is a look at some of the more advanced technologies that continue to make transformative changes to business process efficiency.

The Rise Of The Bots In Omni Channel Customer Service

AI-assisted bots are the hottest change in customer service. The advances in AI and NLP have made it possible for bots to help customer service executives handle queries at high speed and with greater accuracy leading to higher rates of first call resolution. This is possible because AI-assisted bots and customer service operations get to quickly offer information sought by the clients and help in retrieving records faster that can be used for guidance. One of the biggest challenges faced by the service desk was the inability to resolve queries which resulted in higher overheads quickly. AI-assisted bots are dealing with the challenges in the fastest and most effective manner.

Explainer Videos Are Helping Clients Understand Complicated Instructions Easily

Complicated instructions, manuals and operation instructions of products and services used to be tie consuming affairs. Not only did the lengthy instructions take up to much of time, but there was also the possibility of errors as individuals found it difficult to remember all the instructions. Video-based instructions are changing the narrative here. Instructions that earlier took multiple pages of content can now be displayed in a 2-minute video. Visual instructions are easier to follow and understand, and with a reputed service like Creativekiwi.com.au, it is possible to create crisp, sharp and informative explainer videos for the benefit of customers.

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Interactive Videos And Walkthroughs

Interactive videos and walkthroughs are the new engagement standard that companies need to embrace. With very less time to showcase features and the competition breathing down companies, it is necessary for businesses to take advantage of interactive video content and walkthrough videos. For instance, a real estate business can generate interest among customers by offering them a walkthrough video which can be viewed conveniently without having to travel to the site. Depending on the engagement and interest of the customer, this can then be followed up with a site/property visit. Similarly, interactive videos are helping businesses engage clients better.

Businesses need to stay ahead of the competition and offer true value to customers in an era where decisions are made by differentiators. The use of a reliable and experienced service provider will make all the difference as the demand is for crisp content and sharper engagement. This can only be achieved by an agency that possesses the technical know-how and the resources to execute projects of all sizes.

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