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What is Video Looper and Why Use It?

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With the development of the Internet in recent years, more and more users around the world are interested in convenient online editors for processing video files to subsequently publish these media materials on various popular portals for public viewing on the network. Stakeholders cut files, change quality and extension, make frame-by-frame splits, glue fragments into a single video series, and often resort to looping playing fragments using our video looper. This online editor is described in detail below, as well as instructions for its operation.

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What features are available when using Video Looper?

When accessing our website to use the online Video Looper editor, each customer gets access to the following basic set of free features in the standard software version:

1. Uploading video files with any extensions, sizes, and in quality to an external server of the platform.

2. The ability to loop each video file, or its fragments, glued frames, or other media products loaded into the system.

3. The total number of repetitions that the user can set varies from 2 to 16 cycles.

4. Creating a realistic effect of a professional GIF file for sending these short files in the form of moving stickers to other users via instant messengers.

5. Correction and editing of video files – cropping frames, changing the format, size, and extensions, adding frames of special effects, running text lines, and many other useful options.

6. Convert the finished looped file to any popular video format, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, and other extensions.

7. When editing is completed, the user gets the opportunity to download the result for free to the memory of his PC or smartphone, as well as to an external storage medium.

After downloading the file, the user will only have to send it to the addressee via an email address or messenger or upload it to any popular media platforms, such as Instagram or Tik Tok.

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How to properly work with our Video looper platform?

Even a child or a person who does not have any practical experience in conducting such activities will be able to deal with the work on our online Video Looper platform, regardless of the complexity and size of the uploaded file. To work with the editor and achieve the expected result, you will need to follow the following step-by-step instructions:

1. Video looper does not require downloading and installation on a PC, the program opens directly from a browser on the Internet on any device connected to a Wi-Fi network.

2. A video file is uploaded to the external server of the platform, which will need to be looped. The duration of the download depends on the speed of the Internet connection and the size of the media product itself. However, as a rule, users are not interested in looping large files, lasting more than 1 – 2 minutes, and loading such videos is much faster.

3. If a large and long video file is uploaded to the platform, and only a small fragment of it needs to be looped, it is necessary to select this segment directly on the timeline, and then cut it with a special tool.

4. Unnecessary cuts of the file, provided that they are no longer required, are simply deleted from the computer’s memory or saved separately.

5. The selected fragments of the file are looped with a preliminary set of the number of repetitions from 2 to 16 times, and this number is chosen by the user.

6. Next, you need to convert the finished file to the desired format with a specific extension, for which the platform’s library has a list of available codecs. The user will only have to select the codec of interest, after which the file will be automatically saved with this particular extension.

At the final stage, the finished media product is reviewed by the user once again to ensure that the expected result is achieved and that there are no errors, after which it is saved to the PC memory or external media, or sent to instant messengers to the desired e-mail address to interested parties.

The main advantages of our online Video Looper editor

The main advantages of our online Video Looper editor looping video files

It is difficult for modern IT companies that offer users various online editors for processing and looping video files to maintain a competitive advantage since there are many similar companies on the market. When referring our potential customers to our Video Looper platform website, we point out the following advantages over most competitors:

1. The basic version of our platform is free, and we do not require our users to sign up for a paid subscription, as we do not offer any time-limited trials. The standard set of tools for editing a video file is always suitable for most users who do not have special skills.

2. If the program is of interest to professionals involved in commercial activities related to file processing, they can always purchase a paid version of the product by subscribing, which will give them access to an extended set of functions.

3. To work with our video looping editor, you do not need to clear free space in the memory of your computer or mobile device, since the platform cannot be downloaded and installed. All work is carried out only online, without registration and authorization in the system. An interested person simply goes to the desired address in the browser and is immediately prompted to download the edited video file.

4. We perfectly understand the fears of potential customers who upload their private video files to external media. Our developers have provided for multi-stage encoding of each working session and all data of our users is reliably protected from cyber-attacks.

5. Our external servers are perfectly balanced and innovative products in the field of IT. In this regard, we always guarantee prompt processing of the file when gluing it, in a few minutes.

6. Our platform allows you to convert a file to any readable format, and each user can open it both on a PC and a mobile device, regardless of the type of operating system.

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One of the main advantages of our platform is the absence of the need for lengthy training. All icons on the toolbar are arranged logically, have graphic symbols, and have an extremely simple interface. In this regard, work on the platform is available to users with any qualification, and the self-learning process takes no more than 1 day. In case of any questions, our customer service is always ready to help every visitor to our website.

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