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Tips For Hiring A Great Management Team

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As your company grows, you need a strong management team to help grow your client base and meet deadlines. Great leaders can motivate employees to learn and advance in their roles, improving your company’s performance and retention. On the contrary, poor management can lead to unhappy and unmotivated employees and damage your company’s reputation, significantly harming your bottom line and reducing employee retention.

While managers play a critical role in a company, hiring a capable management team can be extremely challenging. In fact, research shows that only one in ten people have the necessary skills to manage people effectively.

However, working with a reputable executive recruiter can help you identify and hire the right management team that will shape the direction and future of your company. This can save you lots of money, time, and the hassles often associated with recruiting for senior executive roles. Below are a few other effective ways that you can ensure you’re hiring the right candidates for senior executive roles in your company:

1. Expand Your Search

Limiting your search to geographical boundaries can make your company miss out on the opportunity to hire a capable management team. Consider expanding your search beyond the geographic limits to boost your chances of finding a talented and diverse team of managers. The extra cost of covering a talented team member’s relocation costs will be well worth it, considering the value they’ll bring to your company. You may even find a candidate who’s willing to relocate to your city.

2. Build a Positive Company Culture

Companies with an exceptional corporate culture often attract top-tier talent. This is especially true for senior executive roles since qualified candidates often perform extensive research on a company before submitting a resume. That is because a good culture typically sets employees up for success in their roles while also offering them opportunities to progress. You should create a good company culture that will help attract the right candidates for your management team.

Tips for hiring a great management team great management team

3. Look for Management Experience and Soft Skills

Most hiring managers and recruiters make the mistake of hiring based solely on the skills relevant to the role. This can be extremely wrong when hiring for senior executive positions since you need a leader and not a laborer. Besides the number of years on the job, you should hire a candidate with extensive management experience. Ask for their work portfolios to ensure you’re hiring someone with a proven track record in leadership and management.

Apart from management experience, soft skills are often one of the most important attributes of a successful manager. Unlike hard skills that can easily be gained with ongoing training, it’s usually nearly impossible to learn soft skills, especially when you’re old enough to work. That is mostly because soft skills usually come from your personality. Focus more on the soft skills when hiring your management team since managers with the right soft skills can have a significant impact on the rest of the team and the success of your company.


Following the tips above will help you hire the right management team for your company’s unique needs. Besides having an effective onboarding process for your senior executive team, you should also find ways to retain them to build a strong team that will lead your company in the right direction and reach success.

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