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The Dark Side Of Remote Working: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

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The global pandemic accelerated the shift toward a change in working practices for many and working remotely became more than a temporary solution for many people when things went back to normal. Despite the prevalent misconception that remote working allows you to avoid criticism and hence work less hard or for as long, the reality is frequently the polar opposite.

There are definite advantages attached to having the freedom to work remotely without commuting but it is not always a bed of roses either.

One of the things you can often take for granted in an office setting is the ability to get technical help for a computer or software issue, for example. On that score, you can get the remote help you need by searching for something like IT support for small businesses in Sunshine Coast to get the professional assistance needed.

We all know the pros attached to working remotely and some of the fixes available, but what are some of the cons that you need to be mindful of?

Working alone can be challenging

Although you might not think that you miss the usual office gossip and social interactions while fetching a coffee, you can soon start to feel isolated when you don’t have anyone to talk to because you are working remotely.

Talking to someone over the internet is not the same and it doesn’t provide the same level of social stimulation many of us need.

Try to counteract the problem of loneliness by filling your social calendar up a bit more and maybe visiting your office on a regular basis, if that is feasible.

Working alone can be challenging remote working

Teamwork is not so easy when you work remotely

Collaboration is an essential ingredient of most successful business setups.

There are so many aspects that are missing when you are not in the same room as the colleagues you are working with. It is not always obvious how much we pick up from body language, for instance. It’s far more difficult to gain that same level of insight when you are talking to others remotely.

Your working hours can become longer

Despite the fact that a common perception about remote working is that you can avoid scrutiny and therefore not work as hard or as long, the reality is often the complete opposite.

When your home is also your workplace, it is far too easy to work long hours and not take the right breaks. This can be detrimental to both your mental and physical health.

A common scenario is when you are collaborating with a colleague in a different timezone. That can mean you end up working unsociable hours and working longer than you should.

Technical issues can be harder to fix

It can be very frustrating when your system goes down or you have an equipment fault and there is nobody on hand to fix it for you.

Getting the right level of IT support that you can call upon whenever you need it is an essential part of helping you cope with the challenges of working remotely.

Do you recognize some of these downsides if you have had some experience of working remotely?

Understanding how to handle the challenge of remote work and setting yourself up mentally for such a different way of working is the key to making it a more positive experience.



The dark side of remote working what could possibly go wrong

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