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Taliban Ban On Beauty Parlours: Three Afghan Ladies Lament The Termination Of A Beloved Service

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Due to Taliban demands, hair and beauty salons in Afghanistan are about to close. This regrettable choice will have negative effects that are expected to cost 60,000 jobs. This report attempts to shed light on the consequences of this closure and the difficulties salon owners and staff have to deal with.

The Taliban’s policies and conservative beliefs directly contributed to the closure of hair and beauty shops. According to the Taliban’s strict interpretation of Islamic law, the operation of these institutions is improper and goes against their core values. Because of this, salon owners are forced to follow Taliban demands despite the catastrophic effects on the economy and employees.

Impact on Livelihoods and Jobs:

Thousands of people’s livelihoods will be significantly impacted by the closure of hair and beauty salons across Afghanistan. Hairdressers, beauticians, and other salon employees will all lose their jobs, totaling over 60,000 people. The individuals immediately impacted by this abrupt loss of job will also be impacted by their families, who depend on their income to meet their basic requirements.

Challenges Faced by Salon Workers:

The closure of hair and beauty salons will create numerous challenges for salon workers. Many employees may find it difficult to secure alternative employment, especially considering the limited job opportunities available in Afghanistan. Additionally, the lack of social support and financial assistance for those affected further compounds their difficulties. This situation may lead to increased poverty and a decline in the overall well-being of the affected individuals and their families.

Challenges faced by salon workers

Jobs and livelihoods are affected:

The livelihoods of thousands of people will be significantly affected by the closure of hair and beauty salons throughout Afghanistan. Hairdressers, estheticians, and other salon employees will all be out of work, making up about 60,000 individuals. Because their families rely on their income to meet everyday expenses, this sudden loss of job will have an impact on more than just the people directly engaged.

Economic Impact:

The closure of hair and beauty salons will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the Afghan economy. These establishments contribute to the local economy through job creation, tax revenue, and the purchase of beauty products and equipment. With their closure, the economy will suffer a significant loss, further exacerbating the already challenging economic conditions in the country. The absence of these salons will also affect the broader beauty industry, including suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers

Bottom line

The closure of hair and beauty salons across Afghanistan, enforced by the Taliban, will result in the loss of an estimated 60,000 jobs, leading to severe economic and social consequences. It is essential to recognize the impact of this closure on the affected individuals and work towards providing support and alternative employment opportunities. The international community must also play a role in advocating for the rights of Afghan citizens and promote inclusive and progressive policies that allow individuals to pursue their chosen professions without fear or any discrimination.

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