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Space Expansionist Policy Of China – US May Lost Its Space Expansion Race Against China

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China is Winning the Space Race – Not Technological, But the Space Territorial Race – Against the USA.

US may lose newest space competition with China, according to NASA director. If China deploys people and develops essential infrastructure before the US, according to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, it might dominate the land and resources on the Lunar surface.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA), which was established just under 30 years ago, has achieved remarkable strides in space exploration. It was the second space program to land safely a robot on Mars, dispatched the first rover to the distant side of the Moon, and just completed construction on the Tiangong spaceship.

US Overview of the Chinese Expansion on the Moon

According to NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, China may control the territory and resources on the surface of the moon if it sends out personnel and builds the infrastructure required before the US.

Since its founding just under 30 years ago, the China National Space Administration (CNSA) has made outstanding progress in space research. It was the second space program to send a robot to safely land on Mars, send the first rover to explore the far lunar side of the Moon, and just finish building the Tiangong spacecraft.

Us overview of the chinese expansion on the moon space expansionist policy

USA Expansionist Design for the Lunar Occupation In the Next Two Years

Nelson cautioned NASA not to lag behind its competitors and that the following two years would be vital for establishing a base on the Moon.

China has made significant strides during the past ten years, he claimed. “It’s also accurate that the time for their lunar landing is drawing nearer and nearer. There are only a limited number of locations on the South Pole of the Luna that, in our current opinion, are suitable for collecting water and other resources “Added he.

Chinese Response to the USA Comments on the Chinese Expansionist Designs on the Lunar Surface

However, Liu Pengyu, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington brushed down allegations of rivalry.

According to Liu, “certain US officials have talked carelessly to mislead the regular and legal space initiatives of China.”

“Space exploration and peaceful applications are a shared human endeavor that should benefit all. China consistently promotes the harmonious use of space, condemns the militarization and space weapons race, and aggressively seeks to establish a space society with a common future for humanity. The universe is not a fighting ring.”

The Outer Space Treaty, a global accord supervised by the United Nations and guaranteeing peaceful study of the Moon and beyond, has been ratified by both China and the US. More than 100 nations have committed

More than 100 nations have vowed to abide by the treaty’s rules, which declare that all parties are free to explore and use space and that no mass-destruction weapons may be positioned in orbit around or on heavenly objects.

In the next few years, we will see who wins between both the superpower countries. We hope it does not give leverage to the wrong party, and humanity wins in the end.

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