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HomeMarketSamsung Docs Glimpses New Galaxy X Smartphone

Samsung Docs Glimpses New Galaxy X Smartphone

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At CES Samsung is expected to reveal both a remarkable folding ‘Galaxy X’ and an all-new Galaxy S9. However, new breaks in like manner reveal Samsung is wearing down a substantially more radical Galaxy Smartphone than either of them…

Understood Dutch tech site LetsGoDigital has the scoop having uncovered a new out of the plastic new Samsung WIPO (World International Property Office) patent which explains how the company will create an absolutely bezel-less phone. Moreover, this isn’t ‘bezel-less’ looks like the futile displaying terms being hurled around by Smartphone companies today. This is zero bezels, no notch, nothing.

The patent (WO/2017/204483) exhibits correctly how Samsung will fulfill this. The company plans to use “bent zones” on the standard show so it can curve 180 degrees around the top, base, and sides of the smartphone.


Regardless, for what reason would Samsung extend its claimed ‘edge displays’ like this?

At first, it fundamentally looks stunning, as the LetsGoDigital concept explains above. Other than it would bring new functionality, for instance, side or top notifications (image having the ability to see your notifications from the top of your phone without hoping to take it out your pocket). In addition, thirdly it would allow the substitution of physical power and volumes buttons with virtual ones that lessen repairs and increase water resistance.

Other than none of this ‘display folding’ technology is science fiction. Possibly most exceptionally, Apple’s newly launched iPhone X truly finishes its bezel diminishing by methods for – yes – contorting the edges of the glass around the display. Despite the way that for Apple‘s case the display curves inside the phone, rather than being wrapping visibly around the edges.

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