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RouteGenie: Advantages and Disadvantages of NEMT Transportation

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What is RouteGenie?

RouteGenie is a NEMT software platform. NEMT refers to Non-Emergency Medical Transportation. These services ensure convenience of trip planning and are cost-effective.

The NEMT software fulfills the NEMT Companies needs. It is customizable and comprehensive to fit individual needs. It is appropriate for small and large businesses, while it is efficient to generate optimized schedules and routes. It simplifies and streamlines the operations. The RouteGenie Software deals with changes and challenges daily and it includes traffic issues, vehicle breakdowns, on-demand trips, late cancellations, no shows, driver call-offs, add-on trips, and lots more.

Advantages and Disadvantages of NEMT Transportation


1. Streamlining payments and billing

The modern NEMT software creates through email digital invoices for clients. It generates PDF documents and is HIPAA-compliant, thereby emails them in a minute. This software also creates digital invoices and shares the same through email. The app is also helpful as it provides dispatching, routing, and billing services genuinely that it includes trip optimization to driver management.

2. Optimizing scheduling

RouteGenie Driver is an automated smart system that keeps its users free from documentation, paper-based records or systems. It assesses the needs of each passenger and determines the vehicle need, saving labor and dispatchers time.

3. Picking the right vehicle

NEMT Transportation software offers recommendations to assure picking of right vehicle. The software detects the needs of the patient and ensure the qualifications of the vehicle driver is suitable or not for the trip.

4. Optimizing driver’s routes

Optimizing drivers routes nemt transportation

RouteGenie Driver app is very helpful as the technology ensures no stress to drivers as it generates all the routes. Besides, due to optimized routes and schedules, the drivers can avoid unnecessary waste drives; there by enjoy economizing car maintenance and fuel.

5. Improving performance

There is labor-saving for the drivers as the software picks and drops are scheduled, enhancing the on-time performance. It is one of the Best NEMT solution featuring facilities for the patients and the providers by identifying the car capacity. Thus, it reduces chances of sending any unqualified driver or wrong transport. Besides the software service is efficient to save labor and time, thereby improve performance.

6. Safeguards financial health

The RouteGenie Driver app feature reduces the costs by choosing the fastest and shortest way to reach the destination calculating the vehicle capacity. This feature helps billing and safeguards financial health by generating automatic bills. Furthermore, there is cost reduction of 10 to 20% reduction in the cost due to pre-route feature. RouteGenie is the best NEMT solution offering real-time integrations that user can see in the RouteGenie app their previous transport history.

7. Ideal for large and small businesses

NEMT program is suitable for large and small businesses. You get to fit everything to the RouteGenie as it has given evidence of offering the best NEMT services by considering optimized routes. Thus, it enables anyone in the business to understand the time required and how much money-saving it is and can be. 


Learn to use the app

It is a must to learn using the RouteGenie Driver app, the NEMT software. It is a hurdle if you do not learn to use the app. Therefore it is a must for customers to understand the working system of the app and to learn the process.

Wrapping up

Overall, RouteGenie is perfect NEMT software. You can initiate the demo now and view the pricing information. Visit RouteGenie official website and get valuable information, before considering using it now.

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