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Best Free PDF Editors Software In 2021

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PDF (Portable Document File) format is used widely for reading documents. It is utilized in the business transactions, which has increased the importance of the PDF editor essentials. There are many PDF editing software that makes editing one of the most difficult tasks. Here, we have created a list of the Free PDF editor in 2021 which is user-friendly:

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1. PDFelement

PDFelement PDf Editor

This is a fantastic PDF editor that is ranked at the top of this list. It is an excellent alternative to Adobe Acrobat. PDFelement meets industry standards. The PDFelement offers the free trial period. So, you can use basic PDF editing solutions and decide for yourself. PDFelement offers exceptional features such as annotation, conversion of PDF files to other formats, and of course editing.

You can comprehensively compare the PDFelement to other PDF editors. The premium version of the PDFelement proposes efficient solutions.

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2. Nitro Pro

Nitro Pro PDf Editor

It is the best-quality free PDF editing software, which is easy to understand and use the software. In the Nitro Pro, you can edit files, collaborate, review, create files as well as merge them. Nitro Pro is available for all Windows Operating Systems. There are two versions of the Nitro Pro available. One is the personal version, and another is the business version. Both versions are equipped with their own set of advanced features.

Nitro Pro also includes the OCR technology that helps in editing the scanned PDFs.

3. Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Adobe Acrobat XI Pro PDf Editor

Adobe Acrobat PDF editor is widely regarded as the best free PDF editor online. It offers one of the top-notch features to the users. Its exceptional features help in converting, editing, annotating, etc. among other important functions. One of the best qualities of the Adobe Acrobat is that it has a decent and easy to use interface. The PDF editor also offers OCR technology for the editing of scanned PDFs.

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4. Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF Editor

It is another perfect free PDF editor online, which enables you to edit your files conveniently. Besides the editing feature, the editor offers other great features as well. The Phantom PDF allows merging the files, splitting the PDF documents, annotating, sharing the PDFs, creating PDF forms as well as converting PDF to other forms.

It also enables you to add encryption to the PDFs, sign PDFs, and redact the PDF files. Foxit Phantom PDF allows you to try the Software with its 14 day trial period. The platform also offers the OCR Function.

5. AbleWord – PDF Editor Windows

AbleWord PDF Editor

AbleWord is a top-quality free PDF editor online. Though it is not popular software, it does not diminish the fact it offers the best-quality editor tools for windows. AbleWord is an efficient word processor, which lets you edit a file just the same way you edit it in a word document. AbleWord also supports the reformation of images, add as well as edit headers and footers, tables and many other word processing functions. It offers all features that Microsoft Word does.

6. Sejda PDF Editor

Sejda PDF Editor

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Sejda is free PDF editing software that is packed with the most impressive features. It enables you to work on your PDF files easily. The PDF editor allows you to add signatures on PDF files, add links, comments, create fillable PDF forms as well as write into the PDF document. There is no limitation of files that you can edit. You can edit an unlimited number of documents. There is neither a page nor an hourly limit.


These are the best free PDF editors, which offers editing as well as other great features to the users online for free.

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