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Business in the field of IT technologies does not stand still and develops every day. This leads to an increase in active competition between different companies, which requires constant monitoring of prices to form the most interesting offer for the end consumer on the market. E-commerce operates exclusively online, which allows interested parties to create special platforms, programs, and websites to quickly track prices in the market around the world or within the country, and also to seduce this information to the customer. Such a company like Priceva Blog is described in detail below.

What is Priceva Blog?

Our priceva blog platform was founded relatively recently but is actively developing, and the client base is expanding every month. The system works completely online, the interface is uploaded to the official website, the link to which is given below. The platform is designed for effective and efficient monitoring of prices for the needs of e-commerce and online retailing to obtain reliable information about the state of the market at the current time.

How did the development of the Priceva blog start?

Priceva blog officially announced the opening of its website for users in the second half of 2016, and a month later, registered customers were able to open their demo accounts on the platform.

Over the next year after the founding of the company, the interface was filled with important utilities – the Reprise market revaluation function, the MAP and MSRP innovative personal price monitoring systems, as well as the expansion of functionality for automatically analyzing product data with data from competing companies.

At the end of 2018, the company began to gain momentum among customers and rebranded the website with an improved user interface. A year later, at the end of 2019, customers got the opportunity to form a pool of their goods on an account card for comprehensive analysis and price monitoring.

The pinnacle of Priceva blog development is the introduction of innovative artificial intelligence technology into the monitoring system at the beginning of 2021. This function provides not only the collection of statistical data but also the preparation of an individual forecast for sales, working capital growth, and profit of the correct company using a non-linear calculation method.

Benefits of Priceva Blog

Benefits of priceva blog price monitoring

Most of the customers who use our Priceva Blog services note that we have the following advantages over other competitive price monitoring companies in the market:

1. First of all, the software fully copes with the main function – monitoring prices on the market, regardless of the category of business and the type of products it sells.

2. Full automation of the market monitoring process, which significantly reduces the user’s labor costs, since he does not have to sort sites by thematic interests and other criteria.

3. Objective cost of services, a wide range of different tariff plans, and the user can always choose the most suitable subscription.

4. Beginners can gain experience with the system using a time-limited demo version of the platform, while experienced users and large companies that periodically monitor prices get the opportunity to arrange an individual subscription for themselves on the most favorable terms.

5. A wide range of tools to define search criteria for data of interest to the customer. Users can sort the search string and filters by price identification, and product availability, and configure other queries to get the right statistics. To reconfigure a query, you just need to change a few tags, which takes a couple of seconds, and the system will find completely different monitoring results.

6. The Priceva online platform is completely universal and allows the customer to receive any information, as well as notifications from the system when the average market prices are adjusted, since the tracking of previously selected positions occurs automatically, even when the user is not on the website.

7. The development team is constantly improving the platform, adding new features and tools, which provide regular subscribers with easy price monitoring, as well as access to other useful options of our Priceva system.

It should be noted that price monitoring platforms are one of the most important tools for competition between various market players, both online and offline retailers. With constant monitoring of third-party offers, the business responds faster to the slightest price fluctuations, which ensures their alignment and eliminates speculation, reducing the risk of monopolization of certain industries.

What are our goals and mission to develop the Priceva platform?

1. Monitoring the market for price adjustments of competing enterprises.

2. Revaluation of the retail or wholesale cost of all or part of the goods from the customer’s assortment.

3. Reduce labor and time costs for monitoring, thanks to a convenient automation process and AI technology.

4. Quick payback and profit growth of the company.

5. Making the right decisions on the part of the retailer regarding price adjustments or marketing policies.

6. Adapting to the rapid development of the market.

7. Obtaining customer advantages over most competitors.

8. Expanding the retailer’s customer base.

9. Rapid response to changes in pricing policy to achieve objective offers on the market.

What issues do we help customers solve?

On our convenient and informative website, each customer can find interesting posts that are periodically supplemented and updated, which allows you to automatically get answers to the following important questions:

1. Definition of pricing.

2. Rules and instructions for price monitoring.

3. How seasonality can affect the average retail price of goods or services.

4. How prices are checked and tested.

5. How to start monitoring average market prices for a particular retailer.

6. What is and how the pricing policy is formed, and what rules must be followed so that the demand for goods offered by the retailer does not fall?

7. The most sought-after strategies that a business owner should follow to increase profits through proper pricing.

8. How to properly implement advertising promotions and discount programs.

9. How can pricing be differentiated?

10. How can you research and determine the sensitivity of the market to price adjustments?

The above is far from all the questions that every user or business owner can study on our Priceva blog site, since posts are posted on the main page once every few days, and they remain relevant and useful for a very long time to understand the full pricing strategy and monitor offers competitors.

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