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Most Demand Jobs Abroad For Foreigners

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Going abroad in search of a job is a decision that many young people make. Higher salaries, a change of scenery, prospects for growth, and a better standard of living appeal to people. But going abroad with education, work experience, or skills can be easy. First, you should consider what profession you can pursue abroad, where to get the necessary education, and how to prepare for the move. Let’s look at the most in-demand careers for moving abroad with Layboard.

What you need to know for employment in another country

Each country has its nuances for work. First, you must decide where to move to and see what professions are in demand abroad.

Before you leave for another country, try to get to know it. If you need to learn the mentality, laws, housing prices, salary levels, and labor market, start researching information through social networks in communities of people who have already moved there. There you can not only read the data but also ask questions personally to people who have already moved;

The simplest way of moving: some foreign company is interested in you as the expert, gives you the working visa, and will organize moving. To do this, you need to be a specialist, which is in demand in the chosen country.

To win against other migrants, knowing international English and local languages is better if the country has its state language.

Where to look for a job? First, explore all job sites: social networks, and LinkedIn, find the sites of the labor exchange in the country where you want to move, recruitment agencies, and look for vacancies.

Consider the issue of education. There are categories of work that, with higher education, you can do. Some specialties will even require retraining after the move. But there are also several professions for which you will not need a degree but only work experience. There is also an option to start a business abroad and engage in any legal activity. For example, you can become a private appliance repairman or open your store – this does not require education.

The most important thing when migrating is collecting documents. Study the official websites of embassies and consulates. There is usually all the information about the necessary documents for the move.

List of in-demand occupations and jobs in emigration

We have compiled a list of in-demand careers for immigration. Here are the domains that pay well abroad for people with different education and skills:

List of in-demand occupations and jobs in emigration career jobs


This category includes a wide range of occupations. For example, programmers, testers, designers, and analysts are incredibly desirable and in-demand professions abroad.

Software developers are some of the most needed workers in European countries. Moreover, the need for highly qualified employees is growing since most technological processes are based on computers and programs.

You can choose any programming language and find a job with a high-income level with the right experience.

You don’t have to study to become a developer at university. Many online schools and courses provide training remotely and in the short term.

If you are good at math, you will be okay with a job as an analyst or Data Scientist.

For those who understood computer science and could write simple code in Pascal in school, you should try frontend or backend development. There are various options in these fields: layout websites, develop applications and work with bots and artificial intelligence.

Salaries in IT abroad range on average from $3,000 to $10,000.

Medical workers

Professions with which it is possible to go abroad have prestige and a high pay level are medical workers and pharmacists. But good foreign doctors are very much expected in many countries.

Very high requirements for medics in Great Britain.

Countries in Europe, Canada, and the USA are suitable for those who want to gain professional experience and knowledge in a narrower field, learn a spoken language, develop professional connections, and attend conferences and seminars.

In terms of income, American doctors win. Even the lowest-paid family physician makes about $14,500. In the European Union, the situation is as follows:

  • Switzerland: $7,800;
  • Great Britain – $7,000;
  • France – $6,000;
  • Germany – $5,500;
  • Italy – $5,200;
  • Spain – $5,000;
  • Finland – $2,500.

If you have a medical degree in the U.S., you can retrain and enter residency.

Doctors are retrained in medical schools. After graduation, students take exams and receive a doctor’s license. The training period is from 4 years, and the cost is $30-60 thousand. The residency permits training in America, certification, and employment in an American clinic.


The best profession for people with an E license to emigrate s driving. You can get a job in any country. Even though it is not easy work, the conditions abroad are still milder, and the equipment is better. Drivers and truckers work following work and rest standards. They receive social benefits. One can choose from various industries – transportation of people or cargo, long-haul or short-haul transportation, and more.

Drivers and truckers earn around $1300-2000 per month.


In-demand professionals abroad are not only highly qualified specialists in a narrow field but also simple domestic helpers. These include maids, nannies, caregivers, gardeners, cleaners, and so on. Therefore, it is imperative to have good references from previous employers, if any.

You will need a medically certified education to be a caregiver and care for the sick.

Finding work at home in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada is reasonably straightforward. In addition to wages, employers also compensate for room and board.

Domestic helpers usually have a day off once a week. Income varies depending on the nature of the job, country, and language skills – from $700 to $2,500 per month.

Workers in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Low wages and difficult working conditions lead to turnover, so hostesses, maids, bartenders, dishwashers, waiters, and cooks are needed in Europe and every state in America. The average caterer earns between $19,000 and $20,000 a year.

The work in restaurants, hotels, and fast-food outlets is suitable not only for American students as part-time jobs but also for foreign nationals who came to America because most positions do not require a college degree from the applicant.

Jobs in tourism

At first glance, the job of a tour guide seems quite narrowly specialized. But it is only at first glance. Employment in tourism, as in any other field, is a large number of positions divided into different types.

What are the jobs in tourism for guides:

1  Guide in a hotel. A hotel guide job is a job that is available in all resorts of international importance.

2. Tour Guides. This type of tour guide is most often represented when it comes to tour guides. Tour guides accompany an individual or group of tourists, noting the most significant attractions of the resort.

3. Transfer guides, who accompany tourists only in transport. Such guides can accompany a tourist in a cab from the airport to the hotel, pointing out the most important monuments, stores, and museums they pass through.

4. Tour guides of narrow specialization. These are primarily employees of various historical, archaeological, and art museums who have in-depth knowledge of each exhibit and can give a detailed thematic tour.

Checklist for those who want to move:

1. Choose a country to move to;

2. Start researching information about the country through social networks – from compatriots who have gone there;

3. Improve your English and start learning the local language if you need it;

4. Research what documents you need to move;

5. Prove your diploma if it is listed abroad.

6. If retraining is required, choose a significant and find courses or schools online or in the country you plan to move to.

7. Gather all the necessary documents. Find lists on the official websites of consulates.

8. Find housing options in advance.

Our team wishes you good luck!

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