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Is It Worth It To Move By Your Own? Pros and Cons

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For most of us, a DIY move sounds like fun or no big deal. The fulfillment of doing it alone is worth the trouble, but it is not an easy task. The good news is you don’t have to do it alone. If you have a budget for hiring a moving company, you can avoid the trouble of doing it alone. For this option, you will need to consider a few things before you can decide which option is right for you. These things include the pros and cons of moving by yourself.

But first, what options do you have when planning a DIY move?

You have two options when planning a DIY move. If you have a small car, you’ll not need to use it as your moving van. Rather, you should consider renting a moving container or moving truck, which is much cheaper than renting a moving company.

Renting a moving truck

This is one of the most common choices when a person is doing a DIY move. And why is this? Renting the truck of the right size will ensure that everything fits at a go, thus doing away with unnecessary multiple trips. Besides, it’s much easier to load and unload a moving truck, since most come equipped with a loading ramp.

DIY moving

Diy moving

This is another option, which gives you the freedom to pack your belongings according to your schedule and then hire someone to move your belongings. With this option, you will have a storage container dropped at your doorstep, which allows you to pack and load your items at your convenience. Now, once you finish loading the container, the company will pick it and move your items to a secure storage facility or your new home.

Please note that you will need to gather the needed supplies when planning a DIY move. These moving supplies should help to protect your items while on the move. Therefore, ensure you visit your nearest store to get these items before you start the other preparations.

With that, let’s look at the pros and cons of moving on your own.


Avoiding processes of filing claims

As much as you will be careful while moving your items, the chances of an accident are not nil. If you lose or damage something in the process, it’s much easier to replace the lost item. It is also better than the long process of claiming the item with the moving company’s insurance.


Hiring a moving company can cost a huge chunk of money. Moving by yourself means you can avoid binding yourself to contracts and potentially help you save the money you would have spent on the moving company.

You are in control of the move

One of the best things about moving on your own is that you get to plan everything including the time of moving. If something comes up, it is easy to change it to another day. The pliancy is unlike dealing with moving experts where you have to go by what they state on the contract. You can make the move easier by getting some help from friends and family.


It may not save costs after all

Moving by yourself could cost more than hiring a company. Moving requires certain tools and equipment that you will end up buying, among other resources such as fuel. In the process, you might need to hire a moving truck, which is an additional expense. Having no insurance cover means an additional expense while replacing the damaged or lost item. It is important to calculate all possible costs and compare them with the cost of hiring a moving company, before making any decisions.

Lack of insurance

One benefit of hiring a moving company is that the insurance covers you, your home, and your belongings. In most cases, this is not so for DIY moving. Some damages or losses incurred while moving by yourself may cost you a huge chunk of money. You could avoid the expense by hiring movers like https://www.torexmoving.ca/  and filing an insurance claim in case of damage or loss.

Risk of injuries

If you choose to move on your own or with the help of a friend, you risk incurring an injury to yourself or your counterpart. An injury inflicts pain and could turn into a huge expense if it requires special treatment.

You will be responsible for the entire move

The entire hassle and cost of buying new tools and equipment for moving, organizing the destination, and all the risky heavy work is on you. However, you can just avoid this by hiring a moving company at once.

Damage or loss of possessions

Some of your precious items could cost you a huge chunk if lost or damaged. Worse, some you cannot replace. A moving company is more professional in handling your items and has all the equipment needed to ensure safe moving.

Bottom Line

Your moving option greatly depends on your needs, as well as the details of your move. If you have other duties, hiring a moving company to do all the work for you is a good idea. A longer distance and numerous or heavy items will require the help of moving experts. On the other hand, an own move could work well with fewer duties, less and light items, and a short distance. The most important thing is ensuring you calculate your costs to see which option fits your budget.

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