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How to register a startup/business in UK?

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Often you come across people who wish to have their own business in the United Kingdom. Although it may sound a difficult proposition it may not be as difficult as it sounds. There are rules that differ for a person belonging to the UK and others to be able to start up a business. We look at the key aspects that you have to look for in business registration in the United Kingdom. Irrelevant of you belonging to the United Kingdom or otherwise it may be possible for you to start your own business if you have the right approach and help in place. We take a look at the major steps involved for anyone to start a business in this country.

Business registration in the UK

After selecting a name, address, and filling up the details you would have to go through the process of registering. This process can especially be tasking if you are new to the routine and taking outside help for a startup registration may after all not be a bad idea.

Opening a business account

Opening a business account

Registering and opening your account with a leading bank in the UK would be a must for any business. There are a variety of banks that allow you to open an account with them and you can choose one among them based on your convenience and ease of access.

Approval with SEIS

Another major step is to get registered with the SEIS (The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme) in the UK. This would not just help you in the early stages of your company but also later when you are running it as a full-fledged unit in the UK after business registration.


Getting a firm to handle all of your accounting activity from the beginning would end up saving you a lot of trouble at a later point. Get an experienced firm that can handle this part for you so that you can concentrate on running the business.

Taxation handling

Although this part of the puzzle does not come in during the initial stages it would at a later point. Having all the paperwork in order with a firm would be helpful like having an accountant for your firm after startup registration.

If you are able to have these things in order you can run your business smoothly right from the start. There are consulting firms that can help you with business registration and all other paperwork and save you any trouble later.

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