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How And Where To Buy Crypto Currency

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The media has been actively discussing the crypto-currency topic recently, and experts close to this topic are predicting that shortly electronic coins will completely replace ordinary money. Whether it will be so – time will tell, but for now, many interested in crypto wants to know how and where to buy the cryptocurrency.

To buy crypto, you need to have a crypto-currency wallet, which holds the keys to the transactions to move money (transactions). Wallets for electronic money – this is the online platform, and programs for the computer, and applications for the smartphone. The most reliable in terms of protection are wallets that are installed on a PC, less reliable – these are applications for a smartphone, but they are convenient for those who are accustomed to follow the progress of their finances through the phone, and the most insecure are online wallets, although they are popular users because of the greater opportunity to buy crypto currency.

How To Buy Crypto Currency For Rubles

To date, you can buy cryptocurrency for rubles from the sellers of crypto-currency, on crypto-exchange exchanges and in crypto-exchangers.


Sellers of crypto-currency are found in the relevant forums such as crypto Telegram groups or by an acquaintance. In general, the sellers are experienced users who have managed to get feedback on the networks, and these reviews need to be studied before buying a cryptocurrency, especially if you are planning to purchase a large amount. It is desirable to start a small trial deal, and if it passes successfully, then you can cooperate further.


The transaction is very simple:

  • The seller and the buyer negotiate the price, the method of payment, the amount and timing of the transaction.
  • The buyer transfers the rubles to the requisites specified by the seller.
  • Having received payment, the seller transfers the buyer to the cryptocurrency at the specified purse address.

For an urgent purchase of cryptocurrency, the option with a private seller cannot always be approached, since private traders do not work around the clock and even every day. But if the deadlines are not important, this way of buying will save cash rubles, because you do not need to pay commissions and at a large purchase you get a discount.


A more convenient way to buy cryptocurrency is the services of the exchange. The Round-the-clock work of exchange services allows you to purchase electronic coins at any time. Also, on exchanges, you can earn on the difference in rates, by studying profitable offers for buying and selling. When purchasing through the exchange, for commissioning and withdrawal of money you need to pay a commission fee, the amount of which can vary depending on the currency used. A site like vanillacrypto.com explains, how the cryptocurrency used in the right way.


To buy currency in the exchanger, you do not always need to register; you just need to enter your e-mail or phone number to identify the order to get a link to the page with information about the transaction and its status. A profitable exchange rate of the currency you are interested in can be found through the exchanger monitoring services. You do not need to conduct a transaction in the first, the exchanger that has fallen, since each exchanger sets prices on its own, first you need to familiarize yourself with reviews at specialized forums.

How To Buy A New Person’s Crypto Currency

For beginners, buying e-currency can be a challenge. Making a deal you need to consider every little thing, and for a beginner, the main problem is the speed of transfer and commission. You can buy cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world in four simple ways.

With the help of a crypto-currency purse, you can exchange ordinary money for electronic coins.

The website of the online platform is multiple, where you need to register. After registration, you should select the “Exchange” section and find the desired currency.

The advantages of this method of buying cryptocurrency are – a clear interface, which is especially important for a beginner, high speed, and several payment options. Disadvantages – an additional commission and not always an advantageous exchange rate.

Thus, buying e-currency for rubles is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. However, we recommend that instead of buying directly crypto-currencies – invest in remote mining.

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