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Easy Ways to Find Free Giveaways Online

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Entering sweepstakes is indeed fun. However, you may not know where to start. You can increase your winning opportunities by using appropriate strategies by finding new Free giveaways to enter daily. Include daily entry into your list and enter one-entry giveaways immediately. This allows you to enter the giveaways efficiently and improve your winning chances.

Top 10 places to find free giveaways online

1. Choose Category to browse free giveaways:

You may perhaps be interested in winning a specific prize. Giveaway listings can be found by category at ‘Balance every day’. You can easily identify the giveaway types you desire to enter the most. You can also choose by type or prize with these listings:

    • All current giveaway lists
    • Instant Win giveaway list
    • Current Creative Contests
    • BIG Giveaways to enter daily
    • Win Car Giveaways

2. New Giveaways Page:

They update every weekday with exciting giveaways to enter. You can get a better overview of the most attractive and the biggest giveaways in the last seven days. You can identify exciting prizes without getting overloaded with plenty of fluff.

3. Visit different Directories:

You can find The Balance every day offering various types of contests. There are also other directories that specialize in gathering links to all available new giveaways.

4. Visit Sites of Companies sponsoring Sweepstakes:

Some companies are found to offer regular new giveaways to attract new customers. Visiting these sponsors will allow you to know the newly introduced giveaways and contests. Some suggestions to follow:

    • Sites providing Free Books
    • Magazine Giveaways to Enter
    • My Coke Rewards Giveaways
    • HHTVs Giveaway Listings

5. Friend Referral:

Most Giveaways provide additional entries to those referring acquaintances and friends. Everyone stands to gain from this. Sharing referrals helps increase winning chances. One good place to identify people sharing similar interests is becoming a member of a reputed sweepstakes.

6. Giveaways Sponsors’ Newsletters sign up:

As you enter giveaways, do remember to check newsletter opt-in options. Most companies send emails as they launch a new Giveaway. You should register yourself for such newsletters to avail fresh giveaways.

7. Establish Google Alerts to identify New Contests:

Setting Google Alerts can help you receive emails as soon as a particular search term matching your information is posted on the web. You should set an alert for terms such as ‘Contests’, ’Giveaways’, etc.

8. Search the web to identify Giveaways:

Use web search to explore great new giveaways. Use relevant words to search like ‘prizes’, ‘free giveaways online’, etc. along with the current year, and month to identify brand new contests. Use PCH Search to increase your winning chances.

Find free giveaways online

9. Keep eyes open:

Find out what is happening around you. This way, you are sure to come across tons of offers. Fill ballot boxes present at the mall, listen to the radio, check out contests at the supermarket, etc. Even local restaurants offer giveaway-free dinners, snacks, or lunches. Magazines kept at the dentist’s or doctor’s office are filled with prize promotions.

10. Social Media:

There are numerous social media platforms that are used by companies to advertise new launches. They hold contests and sweepstakes to make potential customers aware of the new product/service launches. You can use such platforms to be updated on the new giveaways available.

    • Use Twitter clients such as Tweetdeck to establish a permanent search. These ways, you can get the latest information on giveaways.
    • You can check out Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook to get the latest news on giveaways.
    • Track Pinterest. Follow people posting on giveaways. Also, follow people having similar interests by entering a few Pinterest giveaways. Then, find out who is posting giveaway images or make use of giveaway hashtags.
    • Follow favorite companies offering giveaways on Twitter and Facebook.

Following the above methods will help you to find authentic free giveaways online.

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