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Can Bitcoin Save The World As A Digital Currency

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Bitcoin exploded with the valuations into the media spotlight in late 2017. It was not only trendy to say that you had in the next big thing, but people started asking if it was indeed the beginning of mass adoption. At the heart, the Bitcoin principle is pretty basic. The idea is to create a currency peer-to-peer that has no conventional financial institution to use.

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Twitter CEO claims that in ten years’ time Bitcoin is the as it were worldwide currency:

At the beginning of 2018, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was moving when he said, “The planet will have one currency, and the Internet will have one currency. It’s Bitcoin, I believe.” Also, Mr. Dorsey described the schedule, “possibly for 10 years, but that could be faster.”

Bitcoin’s thin air forecasts are rife. But let us bear in mind that Bitcoin fulfills two main criteria: For more information bitcoin-profit.org

It builds on emerging technologies and innovative technology.

In the UK, Housing Minister Eddie Hughes released an in-depth study that states that Blockchain technologies will save £8 billion a year. In the United Kingdom, proof of concept experiments for payments of benefits has already been performed.

Bitcoin derives network effect significance.

It is the same for technological stocks such as Twitter. Simply put, the platform would have no use or value if Twitter had one user. If you put two individuals on Twitter, people add a value to it; and you add a third, it is even more worth it. 

The reason for the billions of dollars in valued value being allocated to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat is because of their large network user base. Bitcoin is the same thing. Nobody would give it any worth if nobody used Bitcoin.

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To know more about digital currency.

Will increasing levels of consumer debt contribute to increased adoption of Bitcoin?

Increased adoption of bitcoin digital currency

There are worrying signals all over the world that customers are overstretched by debt. The debt of the UK’s households grew to unknown levels since the 1980s in 2017. The gap between expenditure and revenue meant the additional debt to UK households in 2017 was £25 billion. That is approximately one-fifth of the country’s national health services expenditures.

How is the connection to the adoption of Bitcoin?

You accept that world governments can fuel growth by rising demand for consumer goods while you believe in Keynesian economic theory. The global consumer debt statistics indicate that low-interest rates have enabled borrowers to accept steadily rising debt amounts, thereby artificially increasing demand over the past decade.

But worldwide interest rates begin to increase again and the amount of consumer debt is still at constant highs. What does it mean? It means that the disposable income of customers is reduced by the fact that consumers reimburse their debts. The economic crisis normally leads to this section of the credit clock. For most companies and the housing sector that’s bad news.

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Bitcoin: Born from the financial crisis and possible next solution?

Now you can hopefully see that not every rainbow and sunshine is in the world economy. The fact is that we are in bubbles at the moment is Consumer debt, National debt, The stock market

This was all directly a product of the government’s and central bank policy of fiat currencies. The debt sparked the financial crisis in 2008 and everything concerned nations rescuing financial institutions. The latest consumer and national debt estimates suggest, however, that the next recession involves the rescue of entire nations. The question is whether anyone can stump the cash.

Fortunately, it is technological for the United States that the country will never fail. The explanation is that American debt is denominated in the US dollar, its currency (USD). 

The USA should only print more dollars to serve its debt and bail out if the pressure came to shake it out. This will, however, kill its people and any USD holders’ buying power. The most likely outcome would be hyperinflation if the US Government ever did so drastically.

Final words 

Bitcoin may only be a financial experiment that has gone beyond reach. Or, the creation of money may be. Nobody knows the facts. It is however stupid to exclude Jack Dorsey’s insights into Bitcoin’s future. 

What is certain is that governments and financial institutions are not able to disrupt the status without a fight.

In the final analysis, the majority-supported scheme would succeed. How faithful are you in the fiat currency and your government? The question you should ask is: If the response is “not much,” then maybe Bitcoin should be more closely examined. 

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