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Amazon and BigCommerce Integration: How to Sell More (2021) 

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No matter what types of products and services a business sells on its online storefront, its primary goal will be to maximize profits while keeping its customers satisfied. Whether retailers have just recently started an online storefront or have been managing one for years, online businesses must take steps that will allow them to bolster profits and reach a wider audience. One area of focus that they should look at is integrating BigCommerce with Amazon, which can help improve any store and run it more efficiently.

If using BigCommerce as its content management system (CMS) of choice, it’s highly recommended to integrate Amazon into its storefront as a part of any headless strategy. With a headless strategy in place, customers can purchase the products retailers offer and remain engaged with the brand no matter the device or channel they want to use. When companies decide to take the BigCommerce Amazon approach, an organization will benefit from gaining access to hundreds of millions of customers. This article will guide merchants through Amazon and BigCommerce integration and help any business increase sales.

BigCommerce Amazon Integration: Quick Facts

For businesses thinking about implementing Amazon on their BigCommerce storefront, there are some essential facts organizations should be aware of. In general, Amazon integration ensures a more robust omnichannel strategy that adds an additional revenue layer. The five points of integrating Amazon into any BigCommerce storefront that businesses should be aware of include:

  • The ability to reach millions of customers
  • It can be integrated seamlessly into any BigCommerce store
  • Allows smooth sync of inventory without issue
  • It helps centralize orders
  • BigCommerce orders accommodate Amazon Pay

Can Reach Millions of Customers

To understand just how famous Amazon is, more than 150 million users accessed the website via the Amazon mobile app in 2019 alone. By integrating Amazon with any BigCommerce website, online merchants will benefit from gaining access to millions of customers who may only use the Amazon storefront.

If organizations want to utilize an omnichannel strategy, they must take advantage of some of the more popular channels available. If they successfully integrate Amazon with BigCommerce storefront, this move should quickly pay dividends.

Integrates Seamlessly into Your BigCommerce Store

Integrating Amazon with BigCommerce is a simple and straightforward process that can be completed in just a few minutes. No matter the type of BigCommerce storefront. Resellers and product owners are eligible as well.

Can Sync Inventory Without Issues

Once Amazon has been adequately integrated into any BigCommerce storefront, the inventory merchants maintain on BigCommerce will sync automatically with Amazon; this means businesses don’t need to do any extra work to benefit from Amazon integration.

Allows You to Centralize Orders

When someone purchases a product on Amazon, the order will be imported into the BigCommerce storefront, meaning that every order will be in a single location. When admins navigate the BigCommerce “order” area, they can filter the search to detect Amazon purchases solely. With this functionality in place, it’s possible to audit the status of each order in one location.

BigCommerce Orders Accommodate Amazon Pay

Among the best aspects of having Amazon integrated into BigCommerce is that orders made through any storefront will accommodate Amazon Pay. The Amazon Pay service is an efficient payment solution that allows customers to complete the checkout process in just a couple of clicks. The inclusion of Amazon pay means that consumers won’t need to enter their credit card information when purchasing products.

Amazon pay services

BigCommerce Amazon Integration: Benefits

While many notable benefits come with integrating Amazon into any BigCommerce storefront, the three primary services that businesses should be aware of include:

  • Can customize product updates
  • Managing inventory is simple
  • The set-up process is quick and easy

Can Customize Product Updates

The best aspect of integrating Amazon into BigCommerce is that any updates made to a product on BigCommerce will update daily on Amazon, which means merchants don’t need to input the same information twice. If all products are already on Amazon, merchants can create and upload a customized catalog directly to Amazon, which allows them to sync the quantity and price between both platforms.

Managing Inventory Is Simple

Managing inventory is easier than ever after Amazon has been integrated into BigCommerce. One of the essential requirements that Amazon has with its sellers is that any seller must have a pre-fulfillment cancel rate that sits at 2.5 percent or lower. If the business’s cancel rate is higher than 2.5 percent, Amazon can choose to hold funds, ban the seller page, or temporarily freeze any account.

If organizations want to maintain a storefront on Amazon, their inventory must always be up-to-date. If the stock regularly sells out but isn’t updated immediately, organizations can run into problems. When Amazon is integrated into BigCommerce, inventory management is straightforward. Syncing is handled automatically, which means that all work is done.

Set-Up Process Is Quick and Easy

Integrating Amazon with BigCommerce store takes just a few minutes; however, companies might need more complex integrations, such as an ERP system, a CRM, or customized extensions or apps that are both compatible with Amazon and BigCommerce.

Certified BigCommerce Partners

When you want to reach a broader audience and gain higher revenues, one of the quickest and most effective solutions available to you is to integrate Amazon with BigCommerce. Here at Chetu, we can provide for all of your needs to create a robust storefront.

We offer comprehensive front-end and back-end solutions that can account for every need you might have, from payments and shipping to marketing automation. While our core focus is creating applications to sell on the BigCommerce app market, we can also help you customize your BigCommerce website, including any integration with your existing Amazon seller account. Boost Amazon sales with Helpfull split testing.

About Kevin – Kevin Gillpatrick is an industry expert within the e-commerce landscape. He works at Chetu Inc., Plantation, Fla., a custom software development provider and thought-leader within the IT community.

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