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8 Signs Your Company’s Communication Platform Is Outdated

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Staying on top of tech trends is always important for business, but it’s also a challenge when trends are changing so rapidly. Few aspects of the business world have changed as dramatically as communications. Whether you serve the general public or offer B2B services, you need to build a robust communication infrastructure to meet your customers’ needs. Check out the following eight signs that your communication platform may need an upgrade.

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1. Customers Are Frustrated

If you notice that your customers seem to be frustrated whenever they engage with you, there’s a good chance that your communication platform is exacerbating the problem. Customers often reach out to companies because they already have a problem, and if the process of reaching out becomes a problem in and of itself, they won’t be happy. This is important, given the fact that the quality of customer service is one of the most important factors in a company’s success.

2. You Can’t Integrate It

A lack of integration tools is yet another sign that your communication platform is likely outdated. Customers want communication tools that integrate seamlessly with social media, websites, and mobile applications. This is one of the greatest strengths that a CPaaS platform can offer. You can fully integrate this system into multiple communication channels, including SMS, MMS, and apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook. This allows you to meet customers where they are and eliminate the barriers that can thwart communication.

3. There’s No Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence are two of the most important innovations to hit the business communication sphere in the last few years. If your platform isn’t offering these tools, you’re likely wasting precious time and resources. You need a communication system that leverages automation effectively to provide efficient solutions for customers and minimize the need for human intervention. The right platform can do this by utilizing AI and applying algorithms that predict customers’ needs. AI can also improve customer satisfaction by empowering them to find solutions to common problems without help from an associate.

4. Solution Times Are Too Long

Nobody enjoys waiting in line, and digital queues are just as frustrating as physical ones. If customers are waiting a long time to get in touch with an agent or have their issue resolved, you need to revisit your communication platform. In many cases, long wait times are the result of a system that’s outdated, inefficient, and clunky. Look for a communication platform that offers fast load times and streamlined solutions so that customers can find the tools they need promptly.

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5. Communication Is One-Way

Communication Is One-Way tech trends

Communication should never be a one-way street. Unfortunately, though, this is a common problem affecting the communication strategies of many companies. If you are only equipped to field incoming communication — or, worse, extend outgoing communication — it’s time to invest in a more holistic platform. Find a way to facilitate conversational customer service similar to communication formats found on social media and direct messaging.

6. It’s Incompatible With the Cloud

Tech experts agree — the cloud is the future. As more applications and platforms migrate to cloud-based servers, it’s clear that communication tools must follow suit. If your current communication platform is not designed for the cloud, you’re likely facing enormous security vulnerabilities and the potential for a data breach. You can mitigate this risk by switching to a cloud-based communication platform that offers a robust security infrastructure.

7. There’s Too Much Downtime

Downtime is a surefire way to frustrate your customers and exacerbate problems. It’s a common occurrence, though, for communication platforms that are not equipped to handle high volumes of traffic. Downtime can also occur if your system relies on servers that are unreliable. In either case, you should research upgrades that will minimize the downtime that your customers must deal with. You need to be as accessible as possible to your clientele.

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8. It’s Been Years Since an Update

Finally, even if you don’t see any obvious problems with your communication platform, it’s likely time for an upgrade if it’s been several years since the last one. Technology is constantly evolving, and you need resources that are flexible if you want to stay on top of trends. The best way to find an adaptable platform is to choose one that can easily be integrated with the other components of your website.

You can ensure that you have the tools to resolve customer issues by investing in an upgraded communication platform. An effective communication platform can save your company time and money while minimizing wait times and downtime.

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