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7 Biggest Personal Injury Settlements In US Legal History

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Personal injury cases are very destructive in nature. It degrades both the personal and the professional life of a person. Here, you will learn about some of the famous personal injury settlements that have left a mark on US legal history.

In addition, the judgment and penalty amount of these personal injury settlements have created a history in the US legal arena. You can seek the assistance of a professional legal firm for personal injury lawyers in Santa Maria to know more details about these cases.

Biggest Personal Injury Settlements In US Legal History 

Personal injury settlements in us legal history 

Here we represent some of the unforgettable personal injury settlements from the vault of US legal history. You might have heard about some of the cases as they ruled the news headlines in their times.

1. Case Of Koehler Et Corp & Takata Corp 

The case of Koehler Et Corp & Takata Corp is one of the most significant personal injury cases in US legal history. It is one of the highest charged penalty cases that fall under the category of personal injury lawsuits. The case trial occurred in Florida against Takata airbag company. It was a class-action lawsuit for resolving against the Ford Motors company. The total amount involved in this case was $553,567,307.

2. Du Point De Nemours & Co 

The Due point Nemours & co is another significant trial in US legal history that you need to take care of. The penalty charges of this case were $670,700,000. The case was based on the toxic exposure and the pollution that caused the adverse health impact on the Americans. In the state of Ohio, this trial was conducted.

3. Doe Plaintiff Vs. Roe Truck Staffing Co   

Another critical personal injury case has become a history in the US legal personal injury settlement cases. The issue of the Doe Plaintiff and Roe trucking costs the penalty of around $300000. The category of this case was a truck accident and fell under the purview of a personal injury lawsuit. It is one of the most challenging personal injury cases in American personal injury lawsuit history.

4. Rodriguez Vs. Troy Construction LLC  

A 30-year-old house painter has recovered the $26 million in his car crash incident in Rodriguez as he had suffered a traumatic brain injury from the car accident. The driver was the employer of Troy construction LLC who had hit this man. It is one of the significant cases in the US personal injury lawsuit history that will be remembered for the decades to come.

5. Abdu Salamov vs. the State of NY    

This personal injury case was a pure form of medical malpractice case that has involved the penalty amount of $22 million. This case took place in Newyork and was one of the most devastating incidents that occurred to the plaintiff for which he suffered the loss of life. It is one of the most challenging cases in the history of America that you need to read.

6. Ryman Aavang vs. Hoban et al. 

The personal injury lawsuit of Hoban et al. and Ryman Aavang is one of the most challenging cases that one should know of. First, the 18 million dollars was the penalty charged to the defendant as settlement money. At its time, this case was the only thing people were discussing in their conversation.

7. Suarez Vs. State of NY et al.    

The construction accident was the sole heart of this case, where the defendant was charged $20 million. The trial was conducted in Newyork. Workplace negligence is one of the severe issues that the convict was arrested with within this case. The convict suffered from a brain injury, and the plaintiff recovered the $20 million from the lawyer.

Personal Injury Cases That Are Worth Remembering

These personal injury cases are worth remembering in the USA. These cases have cost millions of dollars to the convict. This case shows how plaintiffs can fight their cases and get back what they deserve. We hope that you like this article and learn many things from the cases we have enlisted above. We certainly learned a lot while we were researching to create this article.

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