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12 Top Network Security Tools That you should know about

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Monitoring network security requires specialized tools besides network performance monitors. It is undoubtedly a complex task, but cannot be ignored. Nowadays, hackers are using a variety of attack vectors. Old Firewall Protection tools have become outdated. They require constant updating. Smart tools evaluate network-based activities regularly. They try to identify things that act differently, referred to as anomaly. Such AI-powered tools can be used in today’s ever-chancing cybersecurity landscape as it is more sustainable.

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Top 12 Network Security tools

1. Intruder:


This cloud-based security tool ensures the monitored system is checked constantly for vulnerability. Extensive system sweep highlights potential security issues. It rechecks promptly the monitored system on receiving updated information on threat. It responds promptly to all emerging threats. It performs continuous monitoring and proactive scanning.

2. Security Event-Manager:

Security Event-Manager

Designed by SolarWinds, this SIEM system scans all events on the network. It identifies anomalies determined by ‘live-threat intelligence’ feed. It monitors all devices that are connected with the network. The tool manages their layout, gathers all log messages, develops common format.

3. ManageEngine Log360:

ManageEngine Log360

This SIEM system is designed to offer HIPAA compliance, file integrity monitoring, GLBA, GDPR, SOX, FISMA and PCI DSS. It has data collection agent library and central log server. Each device should be installed with this Data Encryption Agents are also available for cloud platforms.

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4. ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager:

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager

It is a vital ‘preventative network security’ tool that helps with numerous ongoing maintenance tasks. Thus, it ensures the system is secure all the time. Its features are automated patching, system hardening and access rights management evaluation.

5. CrowdStrike Falcon Insight:


This User Authentication tool combines EDR (Endpoint detection & response) and SIEM system. Falcon Prevent instances fulfills system’s EDR part. Choosing Falcon Insight enables comprehensive coordinated security system. Its key features are remediation actions, endpoint detection/response combined with SIEM and cloud service.



This HIDS (Host-based Intrusion Detection System) evaluates log files to identify malicious activities. Open-Source HIDS Security (OSSEC) is a powerful free system developed by TrendMicro. Its features are automated remediation actions, extensible having free detection rules and can be used without charges.

7. Nessus Vulnerability Scanner:

Nessus Vulnerability Scanner

This Data Encryption tool is among the top vulnerability scanners. It performs sweep check on both software and hardware. It focuses on open ports, device configurations and password controls. It monitors network traffic and server processes for abnormalities.

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8. CoSoSys Endpoint Protector:

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector

From cloud location, this tool watches all network connected devices. Each monitored endpoint requires agent installation on it. It enables the system administrator to sweep all devices for data storage locations. Sensitivity ranking categorizes the service.

9. Zscaler Cloud Firewall:

Zscaler Cloud Firewall

This FWaaS (firewall-as-a-service) operates as edge service. This User Authentication tool is designed to monitor distributed devices. Service application need not be necessarily restrict to a single network in a particular building. Virtual network is developed extending across the web to reach users irrespective of their location.



This open-source project is free to use. It evaluates web application vulnerabilities and operates like penetration testing tool. Its plug-ins provides plenty of customizations. It ensures web-based asset security.

11. Teramind DLP:

Teramind DLP

This Firewall Protection, data security tool helps protect businesses of their vital data. It provides businesses with standards accreditation. Data loss prevention is written to GDPR, ISO 27001, HIPAA and PCI DSS standards. It scans outgoing mails, compliance reporting and data loss prevention.

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12. Burp Suite:

Burp Suite

This cybersecurity tool collection is useful for pen testing (penetration testing). To carry out network security sweeps automatically, it features vulnerability scanner. Its features include free version, penetration testing tool and on-premises package exclusively for Linus, macOS and Windows.

Network Security is vital for any business. Hence, you should pay heed and select a tool that best fits your business needs.

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