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11 Top Open Source Slack Alternatives for Team Communication in 2023

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Slack alternatives, what are they? They are the team messaging platforms that help teamwork and instant communication within an organization. These alternatives assure efficient internal communication.

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11 Top Open Source Slack Alternatives for Team Communication 

1. Google Chat

Google Chat Slack

Google Chat is the best replacement for Hangouts as the free slack alternative. This service of Google Chat is for anyone to open for free into a Gmail account. Signing up with Gmail is enough to get automatically Google Chat to enjoy similar features as Slack functionalities. Integrate with the team for audio or video options and increase optimization.

2. Chanty

Chanty Slack

Chanty, this app is gaining popularity for AI-powered tools and is effective. The perks of Chanty ensure endless team chats and unlimited features of chat history. The AI tools save typing long messages, and the tools recreate messages in response for you. It is a Software As A Service, providing chat features including screen sharing, voice calling, and third-party integration.

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3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Slack

Microsoft teams provide project management software with integrations. It bundles functionalities in a range including chat, video telephony, video conferencing, online meetings, and more. Its features allow professionals in the business to stay in streamline workflow, be in touch, and promote their products. Users can track on the cloud their projects from anywhere.

4. MatterMost

MatterMost Slack

Mattermost is a secure and open-source collaboration cum communication platform. It is appropriate for organizations and companies. It assures customization with server management and cloud hosting that you can modify the APIs, source code, and libraries. The chat options with the matter most add privacy options with multi-factor authentication.

5. Flowdock

Flowdock Slack

Flowdock is a cost-effective and powerful alternative to Slack. It was a collaboration tool during its introduction made exclusively for developers but gained popularity quickly. It serves various niche business users enabling Cash Flow Management. Avoid spending on remote team tools for collaboration. It is for teams requiring more than a one-on-one conversation.

6. Discord

Discord Slack

Discord in the gaming community has massive followers and it offers the ability to integrate team communications. It is successful and popular with IM and VoIP platforms, prominent in gaming circles. Discords foray into the entertainment community, and content creation has set into rich features enabling team communication. It has chat tools for video or voice chats. Users get a voice chat within the app along with the ability of push-to-talk, enhancing direct communication.

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7. Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat Slack

Rocket Chat is an open-source option to create a digital workspace using a set of tools and privacy. It is popular for its customization abilities and encryption, assuring end-to-end data safety. It allows users to add new features and alter source code to suit their team.

8. Flock – Team Chat Software

Flock Slack

Flock is a simple slack alternative featuring an advanced workplace for chats. Flock has a reputation for all teams in the workplace as Software As A Service. It is an app for team communication and a collaboration platform offering various features. It includes chat, audio, and video calls, the users get reminders, polls, and snippets of a to-do as built-in features. The paid plans offer message history and screen sharing.

9. Ryver

Ryver Slack

Ryver is a solution for team communication solution using direct messaging, open forums, and private groups. The app also offers voice and video calls. However, Ryver limits call to 5 users for the best communication in each call. Apart from this, unlimited chat records, personal board creation, and tasks are the other options.

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10. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger Slack

Troop Messenger is a tool offering secure collaboration and supports encryption end-to-end. Troop Messenger offers audio and video calling, besides basic chat. Share your screen for easier reference with team members. The paid version allows collaborating on a private post. It also includes video and audio calls.

11. Fleep

Fleep Slack

Fleep creates chat actionable conversations featuring a minimalistic design for the participating users. Fleep achieves these with chat features, working as project management software such as pinboard and task allowing users easy chat access. The chat access offers one-on-one unlimited conversations to view updates and to read receipts options.

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