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11 Best Daily Planner Apps for 2022

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The fact is that there are lots of Project management related tasks that needs to be completed on a day-to-day basis. Some tasks are more difficult than the others and requires more than skills to complete them on time. It needs proper planning and management. What you can use is a planner app that will help you to plan your daily schedule that you may sincerely follow. The right planner app is sure keep proper tabs on your meetings, due dates, ideas, etc. You are sure not to miss out on anything.

Top 11 Daily Planner apps to consider in 2022 and beyond

1. Any.do:

Anydo daily planner app

This app is designed with an easy to use interface. You can create daily plans even on the move. Attachments and notes can also be attached to the list as well as prioritize color-code. However, its free version comes with limited features.

2. ClickUp:


This productivity app is highly rated and a preferred choice among productive teams to manage to-do tasks. This app does help students to manage their assignments, prepare your grocery list and task managers. You may view your daily plan and workload in 15 ways.

3. Things 3:

Things 3 daily planner app

This Virtual Reality app is designed to be used on iOS devices. It allows you to create lists, add notes, view calendar events, schedule tasks and avail notifications on Apple watch. However, it does not offer any free version.

4. Trello:

Trello daily planner app

This amazing personal day planner is designed with automation and kanban boards for efficient task management. You can easily manage shared tasks and collaborate with teams. In case of multiple lists, searching through to derive a specific task can be tough.

5. Google Calendar:

Google calendar daily planner app

This staple calendar app is a hot favorite among teams and individuals alike. It is possible to sync Gmail-based sync personal events and switch effortlessly between to-do list views. Even multiple calendars can be accessed from one app.

6. Todoist:

Todoist daily planner app

This amazing task management tool offers a free plan. You may create to-do lists and have it shared along with your coworkers. You can also select from diverse task views. With this app, you can sync your team’s calendars, emails and files to ensure better collaboration. It also helps integrate with other apps like Google Calendar and Dropbox.

7. Microsoft Outlook:

Microsoft outlook daily planner app

This versatile app helps schedule your tasks. It can be integrated along with daily routine planner apps such as Voila! and ClickUp. But it lack features to integrate with other planners and mailboxes. You can access MS Office tool even on the move.

8. Friday:

Friday daily planner app

Be it a daily scheduling or student planner app, this one is indeed a wonderful Virtual Reality app to use. You may set routines along with recurring reminders, schedule meetings and even break down to-do tasks to subtasks.

9. Habitica:

Habitica daily planner app

This planner app assists in developing work habits that successful people are known to use. Furthermore, it tends to gamify the list, thereby allowing you to develop fun avatars which only grow powerful on completion of set tasks. Rewards are also offered in the form of cool avatar upgrades.

10. ZenDay:

This Project management app offers unique 3D display. It scrolls on while you check off the to-do list. It also allows toggling between different tasks or viewing upfront the whole day’s list.


Ticktick daily planner app

It is designed to help students schedule reminders, tasks and develop shareable list. You may get an overview quickly of all the scheduled tasks with its simple to use calendar. However, it has limited integrations.

There are readily available different types of Daily Planner apps. You need to go through their reviews and find out which one perfectly matches your specific requirements.

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