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Top 8 Contactless Payment Options for Small Businesses

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A contactless payment means paying amounts by using mobile wallets without a debit card or credit card. Leading companies offer mobile payment apps to customers based on a QR code or Near Field Communication technologies (NFC). People can install them on their mobile phones that help make payments easily to save time. Most contactless payments use a token system while processing transactions. With the digital world is expanding day by day, small businesses should know more about the types of contactless payment options. This will help make payments safely to avoid fraud and other problems to a large extent.

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Top contactless payments for small businesses

1. PayPal


PayPal enables small businesses to make contactless payments with ease. Moreover, it offers a credit card check reader hardware that approves microchip credit card payments. To make payments through PayPal, one should set up an app on a mobile phone first. Then, they can use the QR code after downloading it from the mobile app for displaying purposes. With PayPal, a small business can make payments with more protection to prevent identity thefts.

2. Flint

Flint is a mobile payment app meant for small businesses to make credit card payments by using virtual swipe technologies. The app even provides methods to accept cash and checks from customers after sending invoices to them. It scans a credit card as soon as possible instead of swiping which ensures high security. Furthermore, merchants can even track their payments on a merchant portal offered by the app.

3. PaySimple


PaySimple is the right choice for small businesses that help ensure growth with unique features. It paves ways to accept both debit card and credit card payments thereby helping to save time. With PaySimple, small businesses can send invoices to customers to receive payments in a quick turnaround time. It even provides the option to add a credit card reader for a mobile phone in simple steps.

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4. PayStand


PayStand is the best mobile app meant for small businesses to automate their entire cash cycle. It accepts all forms of credit card payments that give ways to ensure smooth and safe transactions. Besides that, a small business can embed product codes on its website enabling customers to make payments through a pop-up window. The app gives methods to make transactions faster at a lower cost to save money.

5. Merchant warehouse

Merchant warehouse

The merchant warehouse app lets small businesses accept multiple payments from customers with the most advanced technologies. It also offers a point-of-sale feature that enables a small business to link the same on a website. Another thing is that it allows small businesses to establish a loyalty program for regular customers.

6. WorldPay


WorldPay is a smart choice for small businesses allowing them to make and accept payments from any device. The primary advantage of the app is that it provides methods to defend the revenue with intelligence tools. It is possible to grow a small business in the markets after installing the app on a mobile phone.

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7. Stripe


The Stripe is a mobile payment app that offers various features for small businesses to streamline their operations efficiently. It allows a small business to make payments quickly while buying goods or services. The app is an ideal solution for accessing balances, payouts, payments, and other details from anywhere.

8. BlueSnap


BlueSnap mobile app lets small businesses make contactless payments in more than 110 different currencies. It covers 29 languages that give ways to make credit card and debit card payments accordingly. Some other features offered by the app include payment analytics, recurring billing, fraud protection, etc. Also, the app charges low costs while processing the transactions.

Authorizing Payments

Ever heard about ACH payments? This form of electronic bank transaction is made using a network called automated clearing house (ACH).

Before debiting customers’ bank accounts, businesses need to obtain authorization from them.  For the receipt and documentation of this authorization, the customer needs to complete an ACH authorization form.

An ACH payment form refers to a legal agreement outlining the terms of payment between a payee (customer) and payor (business) utilizing the ACH network for bank-to-bank payments.

The authorization process for contactless payments is pretty much the same. Once the bank approves this customer payment, the transaction is considered finalized. If the customer’s payment is made via contactless card, find the contactless symbol located on the terminal. One can determine if a card can be used for contactless payments by checking the contactless symbol at the back of the card (like a Wi-Fi symbol).


You can choose from a wide array of contactless payment options available nowadays, with amazing features and benefits to make your customers’ life a lot easier when shopping online or in your physical store. Regardless of your choice for your small business, it’s crucial to comply with the legal guidelines set forth by the financial industry, such as obtaining customers’ authorization.

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