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How Remote Simultaneous Interpretation Can Help During Covid-19 Pandemic

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The Covid-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way the world functions. Social gatherings are no more entertainment, but a risk factor. Moreover, on-site work has been restricted to only deriving essential services, while meetings are avoided. Such measures have only made it all the more challenging especially for the translation industry. Delivering essential solutions like conference translation services is now more of a challenge. The need of the hour for industries is to share vital observations and data on time. Hence, virtual conferences are fast being adopted across industries to ensure global connectivity. It is here that RSI (remote simultaneous interpretation) plays a significant role.

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About remote simultaneous interpretation

International Standards Organization considers simultaneous interoperation to be the process to render signed or spoken messages within another signed or spoken language. This, in turn, helps to preserve the register including source language meaning. Hence, RSI is more of a remote service.

While interacting with people with different languages to conduct any process, it is essential to use interpretation and translation services. When performed remotely, interpretation can be much more challenging. Previously, you might have used your team or own skills to manage things. However, remote work and the pandemic have changed the entire scenario. During video conferences, poor audio quality or unstable connection can be tough to interpret without adequate field experience and knowledge. Moreover, relying upon some amateur interpreters is not a good idea. There is much more to translation and interpretation than merely being bi or multilingual.

Its functioning

While outsourcing remote simultaneous interpretation, there is a need to hire an experienced language specialist with adequate field experience. He/she listens to the source language to interpret the same in real-time to the target language. This can be done through remote services.

Being flexible, remote interpretation is used for different purposes. It includes online events, webinars, panel discussions, seminars, conferences, regular meetings, lectures, etc. For traditionally hosted events, it is considered to be a fabulous choice. There is no need to worry about paying for transport, booking accommodation or identifying an interpreter.

remote simultaneous interpretation

The form type is based on the organized event. Most providers are known to use cloud-based platforms like Google Meets, Zoom, Skype, etc. Also are available standalone conference interpreters.

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This way, listeners and interpreters get to see as well as hear the speaker. Words are translated by the interpreters in real-time using cloud-based platforms. Hence, the service provider is desired to provide their specialists with the latest high-quality headsets and microphones. The interpreter’s speech is transmitted through Cloud, while listeners have the freedom to choose any despaired language. They just need to connect with the RSI platform with a device and fast internet connection.

Remote simultaneous interpretation benefits

  • Reduced costs: Simultaneous interpretation offers high-quality solutions at affordable rates as it is performed remotely. You get to save on several aspects like commuting time, accommodation, transport, etc.
  • Flexibility: Event location does not play any relevance here. Hiring simultaneous interpreters is also easy even on short notice. Remote interpreting is possible in multiple languages, including rarer ones.
  • Comfort: Such platforms are termed to be user-friendly, thereby eliminating the need to queue for a booth or headset. Providers also offer the latest equipment and technical support, assuring superior quality sound.
  • Versatility: There is no need to worry about the event place and offer multiple languages. You can also hire top interpreters for the job.

Remote services are growing at a fast pace and in demand across the globe. This is due to the restrictions implemented on the onset of the global pandemic. RSI platforms also boost the health and safety aspects of your employees. It also offers improved organization, greater flexibility, multiple languages to translate speech and reduced sounds.

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