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4 situations in which you may need insurance! Check out Athos insurance to help protect your equipment

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If you’re on set, you have expensive equipment, or you need to safeguard the gear that you use for your job, you need to purchase insurance. Insurance provides a way that you can safeguard your valuables from any type of accident, theft, or unwanted damage. Including signs of old age that are harming your equipment, scratches on the camera screen, or theft from your film set, you can purchase insurance to cover you in all types of situations! Visit site and find out more here why you should use Athos insurance to help protect yourself and your valuables.

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4 situations in which you need to use Athos insurance

Let’s see four of the most common situations and reasons that you should purchase Athos insurance to cover yourself and your business!

4 situations in which you need to use Athos insurance Insurance services

 Photography insurance

One of the main situations in which you may need to use Athos insurance is if you have photography gear. Photographer insurance covers the protection of your camera gear, such as your camera, camera lenses, and accessories used as add-ons for your technology. This type of insurance also protects against others using your camera – if you give an employee the camera to hold and they drop it, this is covered under Athos insurance!

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 Film insurance

The second instance in which you may need to purchase Athos insurance is if you are working on a film set. If you are a director, editor, or producer, working in the film industry is a very tiring – but rewarding – business. In this case, you need to protect your expensive gear to avoid any slowdowns that can cost your precious time and manpower! Film insurance helps avoid accidents and theft from hurting your equipment while shooting your film.

 Equipment insurance

Similar to photography and film insurance, equipment insurance is the protection of any type of gear that you may be using for your job. If you are using lighting equipment, then consider purchasing Athos insurance!

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 Wedding insurance

Another type of situation in which you may need to purchase Athos insurance is for weddings! You can use Athos insurance services or their wedding reception insurance program to avoid any lawsuits or legal issues that may arise from property damage or harm to a person during a wedding. By using Athos insurance, you can avoid the best day of your life from turning into your worst nightmare. Using Athos insurance ensures that everyone and anyone at your wedding is protected if something happens – like any accidents or mishaps during the celebrations. Although you may think that nothing can happen during your wedding, anything is possible – be prepared for the worst and avoid any wedding day stressors by using Athos insurance.


As you can see, insurance can be used in almost any type of scenario! By using Athos insurance, you can protect your camera gear, your film equipment, your photography gear, and your guests at your wedding party! Being protected and taking ownership of your own property is key to preventing accidents, theft, and damage from hurting your equipment and your career. Luckily for you, you can purchase Athos insurance to protect yourself in all situations!

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