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8 Important Benefits of OmniChannel marketing for SMBs

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OmniChannel marketing involves marketing strategies that are deployed across diverse platforms. It allows you to connect with prospects and customers in various ways that they deem it to be valuable. Doing it the correct way will deliver cohesive brand message and enhance user experience to prompt people to take appropriate actions. It places customers first, undertakes thorough research with the purpose to develop unified, seamless experience.

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More about OmniChannel marketing

Customers can be offered a well integrated shopping experience ranging from virtual store to physical store. It includes mobile applications along with variety of possibilities provided by both online and offline world. No longer can the consumer industry choose to ignore a few new trends that have revolutionized the whole industry. It includes the digital revolution, millennial buying habits, mistrust, e-commerce giants, etc. It is high time to stay updated and take an omnichannel approach towards trade marketing and sales.

Know the benefits

1. Turnover increase:

Studies conducted have revealed that omnichannel consumers are considered to be 30 percent more valuable. The fact is that although repeat customers comprise of just 8 percent of total base, the revenue they create is over 40 percent.

2. Improved customer retention rates:

Consumers prefer to shop in a manner that they find quite convenient. The right approach to be taken to deal with the different means that they use is to derive an omnichannel experience. Businesses adopting cross-channel marketing strategies consistently tend to enjoy annual improvement in retaining customers by about 13%.

Improved customer retention rates OmniChannel marketing

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3. Increase in recommendations and references:

Word of mouth still seems to rule the marketing world. Hence, great effort should be put into improving brand awareness and reputation. This is besides advertising and marketing efforts taken. 91% consumers, as per studies conducted, tend to trust their family, friends and colleagues to shop with a particular brand of product or service. Thus, omnichannel business strategy should be implemented to derive the best results.

4. Client satisfaction:

A satisfied client is sure to recommend your products and services to others eagerly. Remember, this strategy should be part of your Business Plan and work two ways and not just move in a single direction. Customers do check your products and buy them. At the same time, they also expect companies to offer better service through any of their desired channels. The fact is:

    • 75% customers can be retained by providing them with quality service.
    • 64% customers expect companies to offer prompt, real-time customer support on their desired channel.

5. Enhanced customer data collection:

It becomes much easier for companies to monitor their customers across diverse channels used. Thus, this business strategy when implemented properly can help get a better understanding of their preferences, product cards that customers check out, offers clicked, etc. It ensures proper customization of promotions and communications derived with each client. They also will feel special and taken proper care of. It automatically boosts Customer Retention.

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6. Enhanced efficiency:

Customers should be offered a centralized and comprehensive database. It should be easily accessible across multiple channels, thus improving visibility of promotions and products. Also all vital information should be made available. 81% consumers can be found to check and compare their friends’ posts before visiting any physical store for shopping.

7. Connecting online/offline experience:

Business Plan should not only include offline and online presence, but also ensure everything is interconnected. Ultimate goal is not to generate sale in certain channel. Rather, the need is to ensure purchases takes places fluently and naturally in your customer chosen channel.

Hence, you need to know all about OmniChannel marketing and what benefits can your small business derive from it.

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