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5 Simple Ways To Measure Brand Awareness

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Did you know that one of the trickiest marketing key performance indicators to track is brand awareness? The big question is: how well-known is your brand? If you don’t have the right methods to measure your brand awareness, then you wouldn’t know the answer to that question.

Good thing, this article brings you the simple ways to measure your brand awareness, such as asking help from the experts from the market research agencies in the UK. But first thing’s first, what is brand awareness?

Brand Awareness Defined

Simply put, brand awareness is when your target customers are aware of your brand’s existence. Not only that, when you have the right level of brand awareness to the public, people know what products you sell or services you offer. In that sense, people can immediately think of you when they need something.

The problem is when your target customers don’t even know that you exist in the first place, so they won’t be able to consider you as an option if they need something. Indeed, brand awareness is a very essential sales engine that you need to focus on

Keep in mind that brand awareness is composed of the following aspects:

  • Brand name awareness
  • Products or services awareness
  • Core value awareness

With your values in consideration, what makes you different and so much better than your competitors? What sets you apart from the rest that make you instantly recognizable?

The Simple Ways You Need to Remember

The simple ways you need to remember

Keep an eye on your earned media value

Earned media, otherwise called free media refers to all of the free publicity your brand receives. You can use social tracking tools to see when, where, and how often you’ve been referenced on social media. With this, you can track the ROI of your branding activity by assigning monetary values to mentions and interactions.

Learn more about direct traffic

The amount of direct traffic that comes to your website is shown in your web analytics tool. When you look at the growth of direct traffic over time, you can see how your brand awareness has grown. People are more likely to type your brand right into the search field if they remember it and eventually take action by visiting your website and contacting you.

Monitor your social media presence and activities

One of the easiest ways to gauge brand awareness is to track the number of social media followers: the more followers you have, the higher your brand awareness is. Aside from that, keep an eye on your social media likes, shares, and comments.

Remember to post frequently and include a variety of content as it generates a stronger engagement and expands your social media reach. All comments enhance your reach, so send out social messages with content that encourages people to engage, such as audience questions or lighthearted content.

Conduct brand awareness surveys

One of the most effective ways and as well as the most straightforward way is to gauge brand awareness through surveys. Simply choose your target audience – the people you want to know about your brand the most — and start asking. As mentioned, you may also get some help from market research agencies in the UK to get you started with surveys.

In your survey, you might include questionnaires on your website that ask visitors how they found you or if they are familiar with you. You can also inquire about your present consumers’ awareness of your brand. Keep customer questionnaires brief, easy, and rewarding to avoid annoying prospects.

Utilize data from Google Trends

The Google Trends competitive analysis tool is a useful tool for determining brand awareness. It scours the internet for mentions of your business, allowing you to track if they’re increasing or declining over time. You can also compare this information to that of your competitors.

When analyzing Google Trends data, it’s critical to include all of your brand and marketing actions. It’s also worth noting that those with more generic brand names or names that are already linked with anything else may have a harder time using Google Trends data.

In a Nutshell

Brand awareness measurement is an important component of brand awareness success and a future-proof marketing plan. It’s crucial that you’re aware of where you stand and know what to do to ensure that you measure your brand awareness well.

With the right insights from measuring your brand awareness through the help of market research agencies in the UK, you’ll know what right actions to take to bring your business to the next level.

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