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Home leadership Who is a Team Player? What Makes Them Special?

Who is a Team Player? What Makes Them Special?

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The quest for employees who have great teamwork skills is always there in organizations around the world. Indeed, it is quite difficult to find employees who have true teamwork skills. An employee with great teamwork skills will have many additional qualities, this includes sound communication, leadership traits and the motivation to drive change. Every industry, big or small, information technology or manufacturing – needs the support of teamwork. With this being said, let’s learn more about what teamwork skills really mean, and how it can impact your career.



What does teamwork mean?


First things first, teamwork represents the ability to work with others and portray signs of productivity. When a company decides to hire you, it is important to flaunt your teamwork skills. In fact, most recruitment drives look for self-starters and team players. Often, it is difficult to find people who satisfy both these requirements. What makes teamwork important is productivity.

People who turn into great team players will have the desire to communicate their views and ideas clearly. And, when something goes wrong, they’d be interested in fixing the actual problem. In the long run, these would contribute to the growth of the organization.


Qualities owned by great team players

team players

As mentioned previously, teamwork and communication go hand in hand. A person who wishes to be identified as a team worker will have the urge to communicate their ideas is a straightforward and crisp manner. Whether it is phone or email, these professionals would have mastered the knack of presenting the information. In a group environment, both verbal and non-verbal means of communication can make a big difference. Creative thinking, advice, collaboration, goal setting, and offering feedback are all integral components of communication within a team.


Conflict management is important in any organization. And, this skill doesn’t limit itself to upper management. Instead, every member of the team must own it. Fortunately, team workers tend to maturely possess this quality. Not all decisions and ideas would be taken positively within the team. There will be disruptions and confusion amongst members. In such situations, a team player would know how to bring out the bright side of things. Conflict management often goes hand in hand with flexibility, listening skills, leadership traits, and logical arguments.

Finally, good teamwork would be a reliable person. You can entrust them with critical and time-sensitive tasks. When assigned work, they will prove to be helpful without any second thoughts.

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