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Do Whiplash Claims Get Rejected?

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Getting your whiplash claims accepted and compensated by an insurance company can be a daunting process. These claims are rarely accepted by insurance companies and you can easily fail to be rightfully compensated. You need to be very competent and keen to get your whiplash claims accepted.

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Key reasons why whiplash claims are rejected

Key reasons why whiplash claims are rejected

Whiplash injuries are hard to prove because they affect soft tissues on the neck. Even X-ray machines cannot show these injuries, and as a result, you can have a hard time trying to prove that you have these particular injuries. Some unethical insurance companies can easily accuse you of faking non-existence injuries just because you cannot prove they are there.

Another reason why whiplash claims are rejected is that they have different symptoms in different people. Some people get more severe symptoms such as dizziness and swelling. Your age, health, and even gender are some of the key features which determine the extent of the symptoms.

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Your whiplash claim can also be rejected if you could have done more to avoid the accident. The insurance company will try to show that you were irresponsible during the accident, which is why you got these injuries on the neck. Lawyers from the insurance companies shall pinpoint issues such as not wearing a safety belt during the accident or speeding among other issues that if done would have mitigated the accident’s effects.

Errors on your claim application can also result in your whiplash claim rejection. Your application needs to have all the relevant details without even the minor details being omitted. It is also vital to ensure your policy is updated since your claim will not be accepted if the policy is time-barred.

What to do when you have whiplash injuries

The very first step you should take after getting these injuries is to seek treatment. The treatment includes the doctor examining you and writing an enlightening report. With a report from a qualified doctor, it shall be easier to prove that the soft tissues on your neck were injured and therefore you deserve to be compensated.

A car accident lawyer should also be one of the people you contact after the accident. The lawyer will guide you on the right steps to take so that you can be fairly compensated. These include letting you understand the details considered minor by ordinary people but are crucial in whiplash claims. Andrew Ellis of Ellis Injury Law has some additional information on his website on how often these claims are rejected and what you can do about it.

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You should also ensure you alert the insurance company about the injuries within the shortest time possible. If you wait for too long, the insurance company can claim that you did not report the injuries on time and therefore, your claims are not valid. Your car accident lawyer will help you alert the insurance company, including guiding you on all the details required in the notification.

Therefore, even though whiplash claims being rejected is common, you can get your claims accepted if you follow the right process. You can especially increase your chances of being compensated by working with a competent car accident lawyer.

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