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How Can I Prove Who Is Liable for My Slip and Fall Accident?

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Slip and Fall accidents can happen anywhere, more so, if you aren’t as careful when walking. However, in most cases, the slip and fall injuries arise due to negligence by the responsible persons. It is not easy to hold them responsible for your fall all the time, more so, if it occurred like an ordinary accident.  With the help of knowledgeable injury attorneys like the slip and fall injury lawyers at Salamati Law Firm in Los Angeles, CA, you have to prove who is liable for your slip and fall before proceeding with filing an injury claim.

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How to prove who is liable for your slip and fall accident

Below are some of the aspects you can consider to prove your slip and fall accident. Never take action before being sure of who is responsible.

1. The defendant failed to prevent the accident

Proving someone’s negligence needs detailed evidence. For instance, you should be sure that there were factors that existed before the accident. The elements should be among those that caused the accident.

The conditions should prove that the defendant had sufficient time to realise they would have caused the accidents.

Slip and Fall Accident Report slip and fall accident

For instance, if there has been poor lighting in a mall for a significant time, and you slip and fall, it will be transparent that the defendant was responsible. The time between the accident and the blackout proves that they had adequate time to prevent the occurrence.

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2. Whose responsibility was it?

Any premise owner should care about their entrants long before inviting them. For instance, if they are tenants, the owner should ensure that they do maintenance before they occupy the available spaces.

If a slip and fall accident occurs before the repairs, you can prove that its the owner’s responsibility. However, before holding the premise owner liable, ensure that the accident happened during the business hours.

If it happened past the business hours, the court might assume that you were trespassing.

3. Have the right information

Never rush to claim before you know the entity or person responsible for the premise where the accident happened. For instance, if it’s an insurance company, you should have adequate proof of it.

If you have the right supportive information, you can be confident of who is liable for your slip and fall accident. If they are liable, you will no doubt get compensated.

Do the following immediately after a slip and fall

Your claim’s success is dependant on what you did immediately the accident happened. Therefore, whenever you slip and fall, ensure you do the following.

1. Seek medical attention

When you slip and fall, you can call 911 for medical assistance. Alternatively, you can go for the medical check-up after leaving the scene.

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2. Notify the owner

If the accident occurs in a premise, ensure that you notify the premise manager about the accident to prepare the incident report.

3. Ask for insurance information

You need to know who is liable for such or similar incidents within the premises. That way, you can easily identify the one you are dealing with. You can also know whether you can hold them liable or not.

Lastly, never assume any kind of accident regardless of the magnitude. Whenever you get involved in one, ensure you seek medical attention, report to the relevant persons and know who to hold liable.

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