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When Should You Get a Lawyer After A Car Accident?

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No one ever leaves their place in the morning planning to be involved in a car accident. It can be a horrific and overwhelming experience. More so if it is your first-time involvement in a car accident. The primary questions that often come up following a car accident may include: who will pay for the damages to your car? Who will foot your medical bill? Whether you will get compensation for your suffering and pain? Whether you will be paid for the wages you lost? among others. With the help of the experienced car accident lawyers at Reyes Law Firm in Dallas, TX, they will be able to obtain the legal compensation you rightfully deserve within the shortest time possible after your car accident. Various reasons make it paramount to waste no time in getting a lawyer after the collision.

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The Lawyer Understands the Law

Car Accident lawyer Car Accident

Several laws regulate the process in which you should follow when filing a claim after an accident. Most of these laws are not obvious, and you might make mistakes that will reduce your chances of being compensated. A good example is the statute of limitations, a law stipulating the time limit set for filing a claim after the accident. With a competent personal injury lawyer, your claim will have an almost guarantee of being successful. The lawyer has a better understanding of the laws, and therefore, he or she will know the process to follow and the mistakes to avoid. What you will need to do is get a good lawyer from a reliable law firm.

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You Will Not Have to Deal With The Other Lawyers Directly

Your insurance company and the insurer of the other parties involved will have lawyers to deal with your claim. Almost all insurance companies have big-shot lawyers who deal with the claims raised against the companies. Without the necessary experience, you will have a tough time dealing with these lawyers. Lawyers from the insurance companies might take advantage of your injuries and the dire need for cash to offer you small compensation. In most cases, the compensation offered is usually a tiny percentage of what you would have gotten if you had filed a formal claim. The lawyers try to protect their clients (insurance companies) from compensating you fairly by offering small amounts before you can file your claim. Your injury lawyer will protect you from such tricks and ensure you get what is rightfully yours.

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You Get Time to Recover

Negotiations for accident claims take time, where several meetings are scheduled, and there is a lot of paperwork involved. Without a lawyer, you will need to create time to attend these meetings. In case the claim is not settled, and the case goes to court, you will need to follow the hearings. However, with an injury lawyer of your own, they will be attending both the court hearings and meetings on your behalf. This gives you time to recover without the inconvenience of handling the matter on your own. Without a doubt, among the first things you should do following involvement in a car accident should be getting an articulate and experienced lawyer.

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