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How To Improve Your Local Search Rankings

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In today’s age where computers and smartphones rule, it has become important for all businesses to have a portal. This allows you to showcase your products or services that you wish to provide your customers. But having a portal is not just enough! Rather, it needs to be on the top rankings of the leading search engines to be noticed by potential customers. You can achieve this aspect by considering search engine optimization. If your business caters to local customers, then you should know how to local search rankings.

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Why Local Seo is crucial?

Local Seo

For small businesses open in a particular region, implementing localized search engine optimization is crucial. This strategy helps promote your brand of products and services among local customers and leads. It also means enjoying more leads, traffic, conversions and revenue. With this strategy, your small business can compete with other businesses, irrespective of its size. According to industry experts, 35% of all web-based traffic is derived locally. Hence, without the proper and timely implementation of Local Seo, you are likely to lose lots of traffic to your competitors.

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Top Ways to Improve Local Search Rankings

  • Register ‘My Business Account’ in Google: Google listing optimization through your business profile is an effective way to boost your Google Maps ranking. It also ensures greater visibility in the local results search. Creating your profile at ‘My Business Account’ allows you to carry out such optimizations. Once you fill-up the requested information, it will get added to the Business Profile. This, in turn, will appear in Google Maps Search Knowledge Panel and Search local results page.
  • Voice Search Optimization: The recent future is likely to be all about Voice Search. Get to know how your potential customers ask questions using their device and optimize it accordingly. Use long-tail keywords to optimize voice searches. Also, come up with necessary changes in your content to enable a more conversational tone. While implementing voice optimization, consider user intent. Such searches are carried out mostly to derive some information. Make sure that all business-relevant information is readily available to potential visitors.
  • Request satisfied customers to provide regular reviews: Glowing reviews obtained from customers about your business can help optimize ‘Google My Business’ existence. Local customers are also encouraged to shop from your portal. Studies conducted have revealed that approximately 85% of customers consider online reviews to be personal recommendations.
  • Post content containing local events or news stories: Your content should relate or speak directly about local issues or happenings to grab local customers’ attention. You can easily come across several strategies implementing which can help improve local search rankings. Develop videos on local causes or charities which you support or write blog posts on local events, activities or news stories. Your website can also have location-specific webpages containing superior quality local content.

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  • Focus on using local keywords: The keywords chosen to optimize should focus on local customers. You can use the ‘Keyword Planner’ of Google allows you to filter keyword searches. This can be based on your location to derive popular search terms and locally relevant keywords. You can use them in your website URLs, copy and meta content. Do remember to include region-specific hotspots, landmarks within the content.
  • Mobile optimization: With the whole world going mobile, it will be wise to optimize your site for mobile phones. Presently, over 75% of people searching for information or shop favorite products are found to use their mobile phones. Hence, your website should be mobile optimized to enjoy increased local traffic.

Implementing the above local seo tips will ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.

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