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12 Reasons to have a Business Analyst Career

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There are many reasons why one would like a Business Analyst career.  It could be at a point where operations seem a mundane task or you would like to pursue an alternate career of your choice, and you would prefer to do business analyst online training.  It could also be that you have potential strengths like:

Problem Solving: Business Analysts are the go-to people for the operations and the IT team.  They act as liaison officers who are able to put off fires before the operations team go live on any projects. If you can solve even just a few problems and help a few people understand each other better, you’ll have done your good work for the day.

Innovation at its best:  If you can think you can have a quick turnaround or alternate solutions to simple problems and can see through great ideas, this career is an ideal one. You might not be the one with the best idea, but you know a great idea when you see one. And you are motivated to see through that idea when everyone else’s attention has moved on to the next great thing.

Communication is the key: You realize people are just talking to each other but not communicating with each other and assist in clarifying things. You ask a lot of questions and like to know it all.

Documentation and research:  You do read through meeting notes from ages ago to save repetitive discussions.  You document the same in the most structured format. You do like creating Business Requirement Documents as taught in a business analyst course.

Subject Matter Expertise:  Building on your deep business experience, whether as a subject matter expert, technical writer, project manager, sales person or recruiter or a banker. All of this experience you have adds up to something and has prepared you to be a great business analyst. The idea of learning a lot of new stuff in a relatively short period of time is exciting. Business Analysts are the ones who do come to conclusions.

You are attracted by the prospect of a nice pay.

Manage the implementation of the project: You like finding the solution to the business problem but are content to leave the implementation details to someone else.

Productive meetings: While many IT roles require some degree of weekend or evening work, a typical business analyst role allows you to turn off your cell phone and keep a fairly standard workday; productive meetings where everyone leaves feeling like their time was well spent.

Sense of independence: You will spend a fair amount of time working independently, maybe as much as two thirds of your day. Business analysts tend to spend about 2/3 of their time working independently and 1/3 of their time in meetings and interacting with stakeholders.

Change things:  You make sure that when you make a change, there are no unexpected negative impacts.You are naturally curious and like to figure things out and learn how things work.

Continuously scope of improvement: You tend to look for continuous improvement and know you and your organization can do better. (This is called business process improvement.) You would also like to drive changes in your organizations, whether that means sitting down with the customer service rep to understand their process or working with the VP to reorganize their department. You do not get lost in your work and are able to see the big picture and never lose track of important details.You like the idea of working with lots of different people, at all levels of the organization and want to help others by making their work more enjoyable and productive.

Job Security: You are looking for some job security and see the evidence everywhere that business analysis is a growing profession.

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