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Tips for hiring a freelance software developer

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As a client, when you start working with freelance developers, there are certain things that you must remember to do in order to get your hands on the right resources. The freelance industry is extremely vast, and the pool of resources is quite abundant but, there would be no guarantee on the credibility of the resources that you get in terms of skill set, work, or in terms of commitment.

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In order to get the legitimate freelancers to complete your assignment, there is some step by step things that are to be done without fail from your end as a client. You can access those details in order to get the right freelance software developer from dormzi or any other agency when you have freelance development jobs to be done.

1. Search for the right profiles

The first and foremost thing as a client that you must do when you plan to establish your association with freelance developers is to check for the right kind of profiles. There are thousands of freelance profiles that you can get when you look out on any freelance website.

Going by the first few profiles will certainly not help you to get your hands on the right resource as there are a lot of ways that a person can cheat the system and get the profile to the top position. Some of the freelance websites would also take money from the freelancers to highlight their profiles. Hence, you must spend an enormous amount of time churning out all the profiles to find out some quality profiles.

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2. Check with your references

Check with your references

Instead of using the same old method of looking out for freelancers on any of the freelance websites, you can always go by your references and contacts. Speak to your contacts and get to know if they are aware of any software developers that helped them in the past to get their assignments done. Your contacts and references would certainly be a reliable source, and taking their help in finding out the best software developer would be a great choice.

3. Try to churn out your emails

There could be a lot of times where you might have ignored an email from one of the legitimate software developers that you would have worked in the past. Even before you start looking out in the pool of resources available on the general freelance website, you might as well look forward to searching all your past emails and get your hands on that one freelance developer who would have been a fantastic resource to work with. Getting in touch with them might be a better choice, and that can help you to get your task done easily.

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4. Analyze their technical skillset

technical skills list

The next important step that, as a client, you must remember to do when you are planning to work with a freelance developer is to analyze the technical skillset completely in detail. Do not just go by the number of skill sets that are mentioned on the profile as is it is easy to write anything according to their whims and fancies. On a freelance website, there would be no way to check the credibility of the resource that you are planning to hire.

You must always call up the freelancer that you are planning to hire for a face-to-face discussion and give them an elaborative test on the skills that you are planning to hire them for. Make sure to conduct a detailed interview as you do for full-time, and that is going to definitely help you to find out the right resource.

5. Ask them some important questions.

When you associate yourself with a freelance developer, it is mandatory to understand their background properly. Do get to know their qualification details along with their personal details. Remember to check for the relevant skill sets as well. It is also important that you check for the other technical skill sets that they have and only then proceed to establish your relationship with them.

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6. Check the levels of professionalism.

Tips for hiring a freelance software developer

In order to check the levels of professionalism, you could always visit there profile registered on any of the social media networks which are built for professionals. Try and find out the companies that they have worked in the past and also check for the reviews that are written by some of the credible sources. This can help you to find out whether the resource that you are hiring is a legitimate one or not. Once you’re completely done with the interview process and finalize on the freelancer, proceed to discuss the rates and charges.

These are some of the most important tips and techniques that can help every client to find out the right freelance developer and get the work done easily without any hassles.

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