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9 Ideas to Get Topics for Your Business Blog

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Most businesses understand the benefits of having a blog on their website. Search engine rankings improve, you provide more content for your audience to share, site traffic increases, and potential clients begin to view your business as a thought leader.  

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But there’s a catch. Your content must be well-thought-out, updated consistently, and most importantly, offer value to the reader. 

One of the ways to achieve all these is by crafting fresh and unique topics for your blog posts. A title is the first thing a visitor reads to decide if they want to go through the entire article. Therefore, a blog title has to compel your visitors to continue reading, while still summarizing what the post is about.

If you’ve been wondering what topics to write about on your business blog, then the best way to read this post is with a notebook at hand. Reflect on every idea and how it can fit into your business. By the time you are done, you’ll have a list of quality blog topics to get you started. 

Remember to research the local keywords associated with your chosen titles as well. If you are a Kentucky personal injury lawyer, for instance, some of your titles should include these keywords as long as they do not seem out of place. This way, visitors can find your content easily on the first page of their search results.

Brainstorming Blog Topics

Address Common Problems Your Clients Experience

What technical and usability problems are customers experiencing with your products or services? 

You can find these issues on social media comments, replies, FAQs, private messaging, or doing a simple search on your product or business.

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Report Industry News

What is happening around you that’s affecting your industry and ultimately your clients? 

Keep an eye out for local and international news such as state laws, government acts, proceedings from international bodies, industry conferences, events, and so on.

Current Industry Trends

Trends in your industry will have significant effects on sales and consumer behavior. Educate your visitors on these trends by decoding hard terms, looking at the pros and cons, or giving your informed opinion to influence purchase decisions.

The Famous “How-To”

Are customers having a hard time using your products and related services? 

Create “how-to” topics with instructional content on how to navigate a software, connect hardware devices, select an expert, improve their lives with your product, and so on. 

Hold an Interview with an Industry Expert

Look for a well-respected expert in your industry and request an interview sitting with them. You can either post the interview as it is or create an engaging blog post focusing on one or multiple subjects discussed in the interview.

Hold an Interview with an Industry Expert Business Blog

Introduce Your Employees or a New Hire

This is ideal if you have a new business, are just getting started with blogging, or have recently hired new staff. Remember to explain how their role fits into your customers’ needs too.

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Report Current Industry Statistics

Scientific studies and international companies conduct regular surveys to understand the state of a particular industry. Report on such data and explain what it means for your clients.

Leveraging Your Video Content

Convert your video content into a blog topic by discussing the points covered in the former. Remember to include a link to the video for maximum traffic and engagement on both platforms.

Customer Success and Experience

Do your customers express their satisfaction with your product on social media or other channels? 

You can seek your follower’s approval to write about one or a compilation of these success stories. Such posts are effective because they create more consumer confidence in your products.  

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